Saturday, May 5, 2018


I see your light beaming
though the morning

Yes I see more 
than ever before.
Yes I am very willing
to expand my view of you.
To allow you to see 
within me.

There is more
than ever before,
quietly present
in simple ways,
where we walk everyday.

I call to you
follow through.

Look deeply 
to truly love.

Let every plant
light your way.
Ask for guidance on your path.

Let leaves light your every step
and life will bless
 your every breath.

Have awareness of all there is.

Welcome beauty into quiet places.

Breathe love into open spaces.

Contemplate with loving kindness
Be open to real aliveness.

Blessings be
to the seen
and to the unseen.
To where we are
and where we have been.
And most especially
to this eternal Now.

- oOo -

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