Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Be Still And Know.

Let distractions go.
Learn to say No.

When you stop,
you will be
 ready to start 
and answers flow from your heart.



Begin and see
change will come
 more gracefully.

This golden heart-shaped leaf
landed here today
in the extreme summer heat.


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Breathing Beauty

I see you blooming
in the morning sunshine
Looking simply
I greet you
with my gratitude,
my vision of your light
my joy this day is bright,
we walked the long dark night.
with eternity in sight.
Photo: Bee Porteous
Wedding Lily/Iris Dietes robinsoniana Indigenous to Lord Howe Island

Monday, January 27, 2020

Oh The Spirit To Grow Shows

My walk through the forest today
gave me joy in many ways
and yes I have the picture story
here for you with grace and glory
for the rain that came one night last week
and my meeting with a kindly seeker
looking for the hungry lost
as happy we to see
fresh green tips on some gum trees.

Yes it is mid summer
with extreme heat for many days
but hip-pip-hooray
to see two live kangaroos
waiting by to eat our food.
There were fairy wrens unseen,
a skink came to me
from under a very small dry leaf
and in the gaze we shared
this little lizard found a friend.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Wonderful To See This Beauty

At early dawning
it was a misty morning
but now here at the lake
the view was truly beautiful.

We took carrots, leaves,
apples and oats in the hope
of finding survivors,
then more joyful surprises:
A Joey kangaroo
surviving with the 'Mum'  
after many sad losses
I surely say this was a happy day.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Where The Whistler Was

When I stood still
then I looked to the water
I quietly whistled
wondering when to leave the scene.

I heard the bird,
she likes to hide
and I never saw her
until she glided north
 so I could see 
and this was
 a delightful surprise for me.

Where It Was And Always Will Be

"Only in time can anything be lost,
and never lost forever."

TEXT page 404 from
"A Course In Miracles"

Foundation For Inner Peace 

Heartening To See A Green Grass-tree Community

I came in the early morning
to be with two grass-trees
sharing water and listening to kookaburras.

I walked slowly on towards the lake
and then, my joy indeed
was to see a community of greening grass-trees.

I say I wept for this is true.

I stayed a long time
witnessing sacred geometry,
and kundalini rising in the old forest.

Not yet a blade of grass or a greening tree
but the call of the whistler answering me
and two fairy wrens 
two magpies flying overhead
and on arriving home
later in the day
four black cockatoos flew above to say 'Gidday'.

Our Landscape Angel is taking care,
and the aqua sky with beautiful light
was another promising sight.

Here are photos of the grass-trees
and will keep a record of their growth.

I cry when I am walking.
Some of these trees may not revive.
Some will.
And I will go there still.

I know some plants will adapt and grow
and time will tell before we know
ashes to ashes and heart to heart
we all know life is for living
and Mother Nature, the bird and I 
are whistling to the blue sky. 

Please stay with us and sing to bring
rain and creatures back again.

May they come from where they are now.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Grasstrees May Green Again

I was heartened to see these grass trees
with shades of green to be seen.

And imagine my delight
when I trickled some spring water
into the centre of each trunk,
then heard
the dry fibers expanding
with sprinkles overflowing
to the barren ground.

I will come again.
I will take more photos in early February.

Please be with our Eucalyptus and grass-trees.
Grasstree/Common Blackboy: Xanthorrhoea preisii

Photos taken in the old heritage bushland
on January 2, 2020.

Only 13 days after being blazed by Wildfires.

Witnessing The Still Standing People

There are always trees on the land I love,
and ground-cover to nurture soil,
and birds fly by freely
and as you see
here today
this land I love is scorched and parched,
blackened by massive Wild-fires
so I have been to give them love.

I have returned
to my Mother's space
where her ashes were left to be
in peace with the tall trees
the maiden ferns
and blue fairy wrens 
and so she was for many months
in the glorious beauty of the Old Forest.

I will come to this Heritage Forest and the two lakes every month.  
I will walk and take photos.
I will continue to sing to the sky and hope the golden whistler
will continue to respond as he did today.
New Years Day,  January 1 and then I came again on January 2, 2020.
This is walking distance from my home.  Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Wild fire here came December 20 and 21, 2019 in the dark of night.

May rain come again, may the koalas, kangaroos,
echidna and yellow-tailed black cockatoos find a way here.
I saw 4 small ducks on the lake,
3 monarch butterflies landed on the barren ground.
I found a tiny white feather.
I will return. 
I will always honour the earth.
May the greenery and native creatures rise to come again.

I will call you monthly to see these trees with me.
Love and greenery to all,
Bee xx

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Call Of Heaven

It starts humming in the worm,
the frog, the bird, the herb,
a nourishing place 
to begin again with the sitting space
under the 'keeper trees'
with silence
to hear the words
come through
from where they are
to this moment
on this day
what to do
where to go
how to stay
and when to show 
the way I see
to lead us on
the present breath
the simple signs
aligning all our ways to be
living gently with Mother Nature
seeing the Call of Heaven
one deep breath in time.
We only have now.
Be here
Be silent
Be spacious
Be gentle