Monday, January 13, 2020

Heartening To See A Green Grass-tree Community

I came in the early morning
to be with two grass-trees
sharing water and listening to kookaburras.

I walked slowly on towards the lake
and then, my joy indeed
was to see a community of greening grass-trees.

I say I wept for this is true.

I stayed a long time
witnessing sacred geometry,
and kundalini rising in the old forest.

Not yet a blade of grass or a greening tree
but the call of the whistler answering me
and two fairy wrens 
two magpies flying overhead
and on arriving home
later in the day
four black cockatoos flew above to say 'Gidday'.

Our Landscape Angel is taking care,
and the aqua sky with beautiful light
was another promising sight.

Here are photos of the grass-trees
and will keep a record of their growth.

I cry when I am walking.
Some of these trees may not revive.
Some will.
And I will go there still.

I know some plants will adapt and grow
and time will tell before we know
ashes to ashes and heart to heart
we all know life is for living
and Mother Nature, the bird and I 
are whistling to the blue sky. 

Please stay with us and sing to bring
rain and creatures back again.

May they come from where they are now.


  1. Your compassion for and understanding of nature, is immense and with God's grace and your will-power, I'm sure more green foliage will appear as the days pass. Your peaceful presence is nourishing the land about which you care so deeply.

    1. Bless you Jean,
      Yes I do feel deeply about the natural world, and well-being of all our creatures on earth. I am immensely joyful if the shy bird whistles back to me, and flies closer when I say 'Please I would like to see you. thank you."
      There are no folk walking around as there is danger of more trees falling as you can see in the post after this one, where a full tall tree fell forward and was not in the pictures of January 2, when I walked through and first heard the whistler answering me from the tree opposite.
      I have that still standing tree, in the post about the whistler, that tree, with burnt leaf foliage, is still there on January 11 early morning when those photos of the lower lake and the tall tree in the upper Old Forest were taken within an hour.

      Thank you for your heartening response and care of all in your area of Australia.

      With love and great gratitude to you and all my readers,
      Bee xxo