Saturday, September 16, 2017

Life Cycles

It takes a 'seven year'
to bring a certain peace
It takes a 'seven year'
to willingly release
to learn from every season
to accept without a reason
to feel within and keep the space
to have my own happy place
how, now, when and where
I will be everywhere
just being here.

I am a breath across the ocean,
I am a touring cyclist
powering through the motion,
I am the wind in my hair
as beach sand blows just everywhere.

Yes I am
the muscles in the racing legs
of little dogs running rings,
and nesting birds who start to sing
I am the joy in everything.
I am the joy in me

Looking Up

Every flower shines the Light

Monday, September 11, 2017

Pink Joy Shining

Joyous news
I am whole-heartedly happy
for your unity
your deep connection
your truly inspiring love
and your willingness to let yourselves
shine the brightest together.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Surrendering Grief

Gathering blooms
all around
looking down
close to the ground.

Deep within
still uncovering.

My heart it weeps
the pain I feel
is rising now and very real.

My self I thought was moving on
but yes that is true
but only if 
I give to You
this treasured pain.

Only if
I bring this gift
and offer it with sincerity
will these burdens lift
and I release
this truly deep grief.

The grief I carry
for so very long
the grief I know
came with me
over many pathways,

This grief it knows
other lives,
this grief I hid
in my darkest place.
This grief I give
will be replaced
by very bright open space.

I have kept myself
alone for long
knowing sorrow
was deep to my core
and believing I would 
live it through
and give my love
to animal friends
who understand how it is
we do befriend pain.

Turn the other cheek again.

But no longer
will I know my pain is for me.
My pain it comes
to set me free.
My pain is my deepest gift
I must surrender it.

And indeed I do now.

 And as I go to light the fire
my little dog walks with me
as he knows
he too will be
from old troubled times.

Old abuse
has been useful.
Old pain has arisen,
old pain is lifted
old pain is gifted.

Joy is shining in
we indeed
are beginning
to rise above
to beam openness
and Love.

(Written with an armful of Jonquils on September 2, 2017)