Saturday, June 20, 2015

In The Heart Of The Labyrinth

So I found the labyrinth
I stood at the beginning
then asked to see
the answer to help me……

Follow the path
it is
the way

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Your Heart Does Know Another Way

We must all begin
to bring in balance in our every way
and Love to share every day.
Some look deeply to understand
and some clearly live ‘on the edge’
but these new times are coming fast
and nothing rushed ever lasts.

Go within to find yourself
to ‘know thyself’ will bring rewards
sharing and caring,
healing too,
bring these gifts inside you.

Your heart does know another way
to open up and live each day.
Be your truth and glow inside
all you know is never hide
your Self
from yourself.

Forgiveness brings you a best friend,
forgive yourself  to see the end
of disharmony in your cells,
your own true self
is waiting for you
to look within and begin anew
to love the Self shining through.

Seeing deeply
shines a light
on the dark inside
the fears and fright,
the ways you lost
when rushing past
the truth of you will always last
the light in you will heal your Spirit,
call higher
so you see and feel it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Unwrap This Gift

To share the present given you
go within
and just look through
to who you are
and how you know
all is well
when you keep the faith
and heaven shines
upon your mind
and up above
you’ll one day be
so live as such presently.

Tie a bow around your heart
then present your Self
to your self
and unwrap this gift
given you
and shine your light
through each dark night
and all around
will surely be
a lovely place for you to see,
to share
to open doors
and welcome in
each dear soul
looking for
who they are for Evermore.
 (Written on June 3, 2015)

When You Feel Like "A Lost Soul"

You say you “feel
and will you ever
you’re becoming whole.
From where I see
to be the whole
you’re looking for
to go within
and explore

Yes, forgiveness
is the way
to heal the past
in everyway
and when you do
the breaking through
expands your heart
to fill the world
and bring to you
the knowing-true

You are always whole
and always here
you fill the skies
you fly on high
you are the one
to start the ball

Sit where you will not be interrupted.
Say I am here now to heal myself.
I am willing now to release my pain
my shame
my rage
I am open to forgiving you
forgiving him
and her
and me.
I will climb the forgiving tree,
tender branch.

Instead of falling further down
you will be released
and easily
will come to know ‘the setting free’.
The view from the tree tops
is like the wonder
you feel you’ve lost
and all that you need do
is believe
a simple process
heals deeply.

So take a breath and some continual hours,
repeat whenever you are called,
willingness brings clarity
and forgiveness does ‘set you free’.

(Written for someone and everyone on June 3, 2015)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Pear Tree Told Me

Make each moment the best one
and every hour then will be
a better one
until gradually
all around is all there is
and all within will carry you
through your life to inspire
words which lift us all higher.

‘Go within’, release the past
the present is the time that lasts’.
Let go the old that inside dwells
to breathe ever deeply into your cells.

(This verse was written with a fallen red autumn leaf from the Manchurian Pear tree.
Just 17 days later, on May 8, 2015, this lovely tall tree in full leafy autumn colour was suddenly cut down and mulched to a pulp.
What a loss to all life on Earth)

Cherishing Freedom

There are ways of being and ways to be
so in this world what I see
most importantly
truth and honesty,
most frequently
and cherishing freedom continuously.

You Greet Me Sweetly

So subtle, so delicate
with soft warm petals to attract and delight.
as every year you return briefly
to greet me sweetly.

In all your softness I do see
a winter smile within you sweet flower
softness shining gently.

So in this world in these times
we hear our call to softly shine
so now we will continue to
bring gentleness coming through.

And in these days and in these ways
may there be balance all around
may peace & love shine upon one and all.

(Written with Algerian Iris on June 1, 2015)