Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Your Heart Does Know Another Way

We must all begin
to bring in balance in our every way
and Love to share every day.
Some look deeply to understand
and some clearly live ‘on the edge’
but these new times are coming fast
and nothing rushed ever lasts.

Go within to find yourself
to ‘know thyself’ will bring rewards
sharing and caring,
healing too,
bring these gifts inside you.

Your heart does know another way
to open up and live each day.
Be your truth and glow inside
all you know is never hide
your Self
from yourself.

Forgiveness brings you a best friend,
forgive yourself  to see the end
of disharmony in your cells,
your own true self
is waiting for you
to look within and begin anew
to love the Self shining through.

Seeing deeply
shines a light
on the dark inside
the fears and fright,
the ways you lost
when rushing past
the truth of you will always last
the light in you will heal your Spirit,
call higher
so you see and feel it.

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