Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Pear Tree Told Me

Make each moment the best one
and every hour then will be
a better one
until gradually
all around is all there is
and all within will carry you
through your life to inspire
words which lift us all higher.

‘Go within’, release the past
the present is the time that lasts’.
Let go the old that inside dwells
to breathe ever deeply into your cells.

(This verse was written with a fallen red autumn leaf from the Manchurian Pear tree.
Just 17 days later, on May 8, 2015, this lovely tall tree in full leafy autumn colour was suddenly cut down and mulched to a pulp.
What a loss to all life on Earth)


  1. Exquisite...
    Thank you Bee for the reminder, re-minding of the significant contribution that all living things add 'to all life on Earth'.
    With you.

    1. I thank you Stuart for your contribution and for realizing the inspiration, inspire-ation that trees bring to our breathing (inspiring) of life. Love Bee