Saturday, November 16, 2019

Who Calls You Beautiful

Looking for mirth and beauty
and finding you calling all the butterflies,
and singing-in the bees
while being a sweetly scented beautiful weeping tree.

"I came so far for beauty,
I left so much behind
My patience and my family
My masterpiece unsigned." 
Leonard Cohen & John Lissaur - "Came So Far For Beauty"

"Recent Songs" Album, 1979 CBS

Friday, November 15, 2019

Seeing The Jasmine Star

Oh there you are
the pure Jasmine Christmas Star 
I am looking closely
treading softly, humming quietly.

Every day is new,
every song sings through
every breath is you and me
every choice comes instantly.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Bells Of Life Itself

As I go forth on this spring day
I look around and hear you say.........
Go Forward
Plant the seeds
Listen Deeply and lead the way
into the light of bright sunshine
into the grapes growing on vines
into the lands where fires are burning
into your heart where all is yearning
to break free
to leave past history
and call to all to open your hearts
and lift the spirits of withered souls
lend a hand and share your gold
know the earth is calling us
know the creatures too do call to you
bring your essence, share your soul
ease the pain, reduce the toll.
Give all peace, release, release, release
and pray for goodness on the breeze.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

In The Going Came The Way

The frangipani shines today so I look and say
You are Superb.
You, sweet precious, fill my heart
and that is where I start to say
I wish you'd never gone away
your love is with me everyday.

Your gentle way was lost.
We all regret the end,
when the beginning promised more
but shiny brochures were lies upon the lies,
the 'undoing' of you and I
who cried for help
who cried for care
who cried even being there.
But there we were,
me in the beginning and you in the ending
and yet, in a most startling way
it brought us to our unity,
you and I and me, 'undoing' all for liberty.

You came from bud with the color of brightest gold
and yet so many days go by
before you find we must both go away
to begin again.

We fade in those days.
We sit in the sun
and mellow to a softer shade
and in the everglade of trees we soften more,
become subdued, 
give our most and share our essence 
but where are we?

When we went we fell away.
So as days passed 
we lost our petals in broken-heartedness.
We heard them say
we love you,
but you must go away
so you will have caring everyday.

Another petal falls to earth
it takes eternity to understand
un-learning was the only plan.
For finding you, begin again.