Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Bells Of Life Itself

As I go forth on this spring day
I look around and hear you say.........
Go Forward
Plant the seeds
Listen Deeply and lead the way
into the light of bright sunshine
into the grapes growing on vines
into the lands where fires are burning
into your heart where all is yearning
to break free
to leave past history
and call to all to open your hearts
and lift the spirits of withered souls
lend a hand and share your gold
know the earth is calling us
know the creatures too do call to you
bring your essence, share your soul
ease the pain, reduce the toll.
Give all peace, release, release, release
and pray for goodness on the breeze.


  1. bring your essence
    share your soul
    ease the pain
    reduce the toll
    Give all peace
    and pray for goodness on the breeze

    1. Thank you Bee. Bless your gentle heart. Love Gra ♥

  2. Blessings and peace Gra,

    Yes we hope one and all hear the call
    of the orange blossom bells
    chiming far and wide into the land and sky

    Love to your gentle heart,
    Bee xxo