Friday, February 23, 2018

I Know What I Know I Know

I was the closest
but the further-most away,
I was the nearest
but nothing to say
would be heard,
the words
 were silent.

I went along
the only way I saw.
I learned to explore.
I learned to observe,
to listen to
what nobody else knew
was expressed to me.
I could see
without 20-20 vision,
without head-phones,
in or out of the zone
I heard.

It is a tunnel of Love
coming through,
so deep inside I know
and see
a long clear view.
I will follow you.

- oOo -

'and everything
 is lit with hope
and sparkles
with a gentle friendliness'

- A Course In Miracles, Text - Page 601 -

- o O o -

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Once Upon A Time

We know when we know
we come when we come
we go when we go........

A mystery lives
in the mists of time
and drifts
the Divine.

- oOo -

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Something Deep From The Other Side

I will step back and follow you.
I know, indeed, this for me
is the only way
to live this life
with ease and purpose.

I know
I heard you say
in the night
before this day,
in the voice
that woke me up,
in the call
before the birds
Yes I heard

And you too,
not far away,
it seems you came
to clearly say.....

Reach out your hand
and you will go home,
led by the older one.

Going home
Take the first step


And you will leave
Ask and you will receive.

I will step back and follow you
Only Truth is true

- I received this message at 5am
on February 11, 2018 -

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


'The stillness
and the peace
of NOW
in perfect gentleness.'

A Course in Miracles - 
The Foundation for Inner Peace

Text page 325 - Vinyl edition

Monday, February 5, 2018

Seeing Green

As it seems to me to be
an endless summer,
I feel like seeking greenery.

Hello Skimmia Japonica,
dear little flower.
I delight to see pendulous blooms.
Your sweet fragrance
 wafts by this room.
Thank you
 for slowly, but surely,

- sSs -

Skies Are Green

Budgerigars in the Australian Desert
Photo Credit: Australian Geographic

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sweet Joy

We all wish for joy
to lighten our hearts.

Little Wood Sorrel
 knows and understands.

As you observe
her heart-shaped leaves
 her light beams,
tiny flowers sing,
intuition is your gift
and gratitude is everything.

- sSs -

Saturday, February 3, 2018


Welcome Sorrel, shining there
may you bring
soothing peace.
 I am wishing for
more light
to be shining bright
in the dawning of tomorrow.
May there be ease
from these deep sorrows

- sSs -

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Love Shines As The Morning Sun

You rose before the morning sun
and many a day there was not one
sign of warmth from the sky
as you built a wood-stove fire
to warm the children
and make hot water
to prepare the day
for your sons and daughters.

Very many years on from then,
and even though
those times have passed
these memories of mine do last.

The simple deeds of love 
and service
are the ones indeed 
that serve us.

I was often shown,
in practical ways
how to rise and live my days,
how to care for those around,
little pets,
were top of my own list,
and loving nature
lead the way,
as I greeted our garden
and walked into my new day.

This, to me, is simplicity.

The love and care
grew from there.
The children went their own ways
but here today,
I am still
playing with my little friends
and greeting my garden
as I tend with care
to all of nature everywhere.

(With love as always to R & M, who set the trend)

 Written 2/2/2018