Thursday, February 1, 2018

Love Shines As The Morning Sun

You rose before the morning sun
and many a day there was not one
sign of warmth from the sky
as you built a wood-stove fire
to warm the children
and make hot water
to prepare the day
for your sons and daughters.

Very many years on from then,
and even though
those times have passed
these memories of mine do last.

The simple deeds of love 
and service
are the ones indeed 
that serve us.

I was often shown,
in practical ways
how to rise and live my days,
how to care for those around,
little pets,
were top of my own list,
and loving nature
lead the way,
as I greeted our garden
and walked into my new day.

This, to me, is simplicity.

The love and care
grew from there.
The children went their own ways
but here today,
I am still
playing with my little friends
and greeting my garden
as I tend with care
to all of nature everywhere.

(With love as always to R & M, who set the trend)

 Written 2/2/2018



  1. What a superb gift Bee...simply crafted from the heart and I totally resonate with all of it...An astonishing life!
    Hugs and Thank you!

    1. Bless you Stu,

      Loving-kindness comes in many ways.
      'What goes around, comes around....'

      And the appreciation of nature's beauty is everywhere.

      Happy Birthday to Mum,
      With love Bee xxxx