Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pass It On

May your days be bright
and your heart be light.
May Love be in your life,
May hope be in your heart
May peace be in our world.

Wishing many Blessings to all.

When I received this beautiful New Year greeting from my friends at Deep Soul Connection in Glastonbury UK, I truly felt the simplicity and strength in this openly shared expression.

In kindly ways let us all share.
So as they say.... From them to me, and now to you "Please Pass It On"


In Kindly Ways Let Us All Share

I was strolling along in the evening time,
the country landscape surrounding me,
when I heard some singing
so I looked around to see
a very happy Christmas Tree….

I am ever so grateful
for the life that I breathe,
for the ever-growing Christmas Tree,
for heartfelt devotion
for friends who care
for Love and family everywhere.

For the beautiful pines that live long lives,
for the kindly ways we share,
for lifting our hearts and deeply listening,
for light on the waters and dew drops glistening,
for Summer warmth and Winter’s cheer
for bringing hope to this New Year.
May we all rejoice and openly say
‘Blessings and Peace’ to all today.

(Written on Christmas Eve December 24, 2015)


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Shine The Light From Every Star

“It was the eve of their lives”
and all through the day
they were so unaware
and continued to play.
They ran through the forest
and rolled down the hills
the grass was so green
and no thing was seen
and then came the change
when life re-arranged
the quiet times of trust
were immediately thrust
into their faces
in all the dark places
and so there and now
they hid somehow.
They held their breath
was there anywhere left
to shelter and hide
how they felt inside.
They closed their eyes
and myopia came
and as life went along
it was never the same
and no safety in numbers
for them it was true
that being alone
as the Introverts Way
was the surest place
to stay and remain.
So life went along year after year
the trauma was stored
safely in cells
and tension was wrapped tight within.
and no thing new would really begin
as the past had a hold
a grip on the tissues
and all that remained
were the long buried issues.

Came a life to find looking outside
and walks in the bush
would bring the joy of the time
and deep inside was clearly defined
the pain, the times, the ways indeed
that smashed the gentle
and crashed and burned
the girl within
who never felt heard.

There came the day
when from way out far
Solar Logos energy
came from the stars
and colour and light
and strength shone forth
and courage zoomed in
to lift her up
and there was the New Action Plan
to leave that behind
as she happily ran
into the future
the bright space to be
raising her Spirit with Light energy.

There is more to this world
and way beyond
in other worlds too
the Golden Light is healing you.

(Written on November 27, 2015 after a waking message)

Friday, December 4, 2015

Between You And Me

The mist
from the tears
that have fallen
forms a rainbow of love
every time

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sail Away On A Floating Leaf

Transition times are in the mist
the days of deeds on the list
have an ebb and flow that you do know
won’t stand a stance
but even so
you still wait for a faithful chance
to light the candles to see the glow
the path is lit,
the birds Spring sing
and ‘the wait and see’
has begun to begin
and this old life is slipping away
unless a shift brings blessings in
and Soul Love breathes on an angels wing.
With a deep breath
you breathe it in…….

Sail away on a floating leaf,
let the emotions flow and heal your grief.
Let the little fish swim in the sandy waters,
the light is on where you belong.

(Written November 9, 2015 with Nigella Blue Love In The Mist)

Where Roses Go

Certain Roses blooming now
are losing petals in the wind
and returning to the beginning.

Along the way the leaves did shine
the awakening came
with a yellow bud and admiration.
And all around enjoyed the bloom
the golden rose in the living room.

As days unfold and petals too
the colour fades
and the flower wilts until comes the day
the lovely petals
are held in hand to save……..
they are not lost but added to
other blooms which harmonize
with fragrance high in the skies.

(Written November 7, 2015)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I Will Be Seeing You

what is true for me
is there within
my eyes to see.
So come in closer and openly
look for you inside of me.

I am here, as are you
and around the earth we all are too,
eyes are looking outwardly
go to you
as you look for me,
as every heart that warms our life
shows the light of our one soul
and mirrors those that yearn for love,
those that long for other times
and those that know we’ll meet again
someplace when
the veil is lifted to set us free

So here in this moment now
I say to you,
take a mirror and look therein
the looking through your eyes will bring
the looking to the me within,
and in your loss you’ll see me
in your eyes as I am
your twin flame glowing bright
the mirror shines your light to me
and I am luminous in the eyes I see.

(This verse was written October 15, 2015)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Unrequited Love: A Past Life Healing

I knew him in another time
across the line
between now and then
backwards when
he was a scout
and I a maiden
culture laden
nature driven
wild grass growing
and winds blowing
I seem to have inside my cells
deepest feelings in the deepest wells.

So now another life has passed
I look back in the looking glass
and that young ‘innocence’
has come to be
healed I see
that I did my all
to heal
in ways I never had revealed
and ways I knew not how or why
I was led to lead and try
I was back to hoping for
more expression than the world before.

But as it is
and again seems
the young maiden
was the active link
as an enticement in this life
presented lessons
and reasons for
real expression leading to
the deeper knowing of the depths of you.

I said what I did for you
to help induce
a big breakthrough
but I feel
until you passed
you did not realize
the love that lasts.

So as my life beckons
me to flow
like a river
and grow like the grass
and follow the labyrinth
to the lasting centre
I will let you go
higher home
and I move on
from the plains we roamed.
I have calls
to the wider world
and time is now
to let that girl
fill her heart
with warmth and smiles
bring delight
and lightness in
and here I am
to Begin.

May I hold my heart
always open
may I bring my feet
to walk more trails
may I wave to nature
and smile to love
may I surrender all
to skies above
may Earth and Heaven
river and wind
heal within
and open to
what I left behind with you.
(A Past Life Healing, written on September 2, 2015 )

This is somewhat of a Part 2 to the verse I wrote on April 25, 2015,
which is The Part 1, 
posted here on Come Blossom Come Fruit 
under the title of “I Weep. I Weep for the Men”

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Where Souls Belong

I wail.
Yes I wail for those
I could feel through and through
the gentle ones
who were lost in their lives
and deep in the well of their darkest times.

And I know
that I do
grieve for me and for you,
for the lost opportunities,
the failures it seems
in following our dreams
but the real truth shows
that when anyone ‘goes’
they are living their dream
in those worlds unseen…..
they have lost their fragility
and are completely gone
to where nurturing comes
and souls belong
where light is beckoning
and shadows fade
to a lovely shade
of Highest Love
blessing them now
with peace above.

(Written on September 12, 2013 as I farewell another dear friend from this lifetime)

Sing To Your Soul

Cradled by nature with light from above
you are nurtured by abundant Love
so breathe-in deeply
and sing to your soul,
the real you
will always be whole.
Be ‘awake’ to our earth,
as some strong winds are blowing
and the blossom bough breaks
but the tree full of flowers blooms gloriously true
so take that to heart and be the REAL you.

May we find ourselves
shine our lights on fear
let it disappear
so we turn away and welcome great joy
and abundance to be
filling our hearts continuously.

I know in Truth that wherever I go
I am grateful for Love and compassionate support,
may my light continue to shine in this town
and may we all know our place
is right where we are
twinkling on the grids of white light
across the earth
through day and night,
and so I will rest in my sleep and smile in my heart
from every dawning, to dusk and beyond,
life is for living and breathing joy in
so today, in this lifetime I will begin
creating new cells
and drawing from the deeper wells.

(It is the 10th anniversary of my first long streaming verse. I wrote this on September 6, 2015.)