Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sing To Your Soul

Cradled by nature with light from above
you are nurtured by abundant Love
so breathe-in deeply
and sing to your soul,
the real you
will always be whole.
Be ‘awake’ to our earth,
as some strong winds are blowing
and the blossom bough breaks
but the tree full of flowers blooms gloriously true
so take that to heart and be the REAL you.

May we find ourselves
shine our lights on fear
let it disappear
so we turn away and welcome great joy
and abundance to be
filling our hearts continuously.

I know in Truth that wherever I go
I am grateful for Love and compassionate support,
may my light continue to shine in this town
and may we all know our place
is right where we are
twinkling on the grids of white light
across the earth
through day and night,
and so I will rest in my sleep and smile in my heart
from every dawning, to dusk and beyond,
life is for living and breathing joy in
so today, in this lifetime I will begin
creating new cells
and drawing from the deeper wells.

(It is the 10th anniversary of my first long streaming verse. I wrote this on September 6, 2015.)

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