Thursday, September 26, 2019

Still Life On A Bright Day

On this new day
 different comes my way.

The sky is blue, 
the sun shines in
and I bring
delicious flowers inside,
I see the dandelion in my room,
the golden ones
abundantly bloom
with Viburnum carlesii
as she is happily singing.
  I chose this posy
of little pom-pom flowers
with rosy pink buds 
calling you to come
 wafting through
 as the spicy scent of heaven
  breezes by 
and smiles from You to me.

Blessings and joy as you bring
a bloom of beauty in to sing

- o O o -

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Blooming Marvelously

As I walk around the garden
I hear
the broad bean flowers
humming through the morning dew.
Looking closely I do see
the yin and yang in legume land
as the green peas
develop pods so generously.
Green Feast Peas
 And 3 cheers for the beautiful Broad Beans
- o O o -

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Being The Space

When the birds sing
and flowers bring
colour to brighten you
then I too feel like dancing.

With welcome grace
a space appears
so I burst forth with joyful moves
twirling like tea-tree petals
I am feeling more alive
the birds whistle while I glide.

I began expanding,
rotating round the room
then following through
to the garden place
where Red Grevillea was calling me,
enticing another leap ahead
to choose a life of joy instead
of more wondering.

So Now with clarity I fly freely.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Playing Pixie With The Elves.

When I see you 
I remember
 times like these
when you
 were seen through the trees
just being
your glorious self.

So if I was a pixie or a little elf
I would be
 playing freely  
sliding down your wattle boughs
leaping golden pollen balls
rolling round with glee
as springtime sees you
glow so generously.

- o O o -

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Happy Happy Spring

After the wettest
coldest wintry season
any blue sky day
is a winning display of flowers.
Thank you
 for the sunshine
thank you
 for Rosemary blue
thank you
 for Camellia too
and joyously
 felicity is here with me.

Felicia amelloides Blue Daisy 

Full Moon Time

When I see you in brilliant blue
this burst of spring
is shining in
 the wind-chime vine.
I tell you truly
I feel like singing
as you are bringing 
more than eyes can see 
into the noon of the full moon.
BORAGE  Borago Officinalis

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Remembering Our Oneness

Through the blue of you
is seen the pink of me.
Through the winter mists
you grew until
the spring beamed through
and all of me with all of you
are near the ground
happily found dancing.

You know we do
bring the earth of me
and the sky of you
into this our very day for humming.

Yes we love to sing
so if you do
go waltzing through
you will feel our breath
in the dawn of day
calling you on your way
exploring all
there may come to be
over the hills for you to see.

So I thank you
sweet sky-blue flower.
I bless you for the love I see,
for your simplicity,
for all I see inside 
is your golden and pink and white and blue
you are the loveliest bloom I have spoken to
on this bright new morning.
 Myosotis sylvatica Forget-me-not