Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sharing Beauty

When you
 see the beauty
when you
 hear the bees
 the blossoms shine
so divinely
are not we
gifted with abundance
 for all to see.
Life blooms
all around
so you know
Mother Nature will show
the flowering of life.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Deep Rest Will Refesh

Sleeping on my sofa
in my sleeping bag
has been the best sleep
I have had.

I was simply sleeping
and deeply knowing
'Something new is coming through'.



Friday, September 28, 2018

Our Sacred Earth

And Here It Is.

The living
 Australian native plant
with the doctrine of signatures
 -  Kundalini Rising - 

in the Heritage Forest

Bringing Action to Life

Rising High
Shining Bright

Creativity In Action 

Let us all share our gifts
to uplift
our living Earth.

Let us
expand appreciation
every living presence in our lives.

-s S s -

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

You Bring Your Spirit

You just sit still
and listen.
You will
hear your answer.
 You then stand up
You sweep the garden.
You bring your seeds
to plant beauty.
You bring Spirit
by tending nature.
You share your love
as kindness is spread
and nourishment shared.

You visit the weary,
the lonely
the vulnerable.
You share comfort
good food
colour and flowers.
You give some hours
to care for 
all the someones
who are always there.
You connect
 bring your good heart
and start where you are.

Be With One Another

- o O o -

- I bring my gratitude for the inspiration
and mentoring of
Buddhist, Meditation Teacher
Jack Kornfield -

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sharing Seeds Of Ourselves

Taraxacum Officinale
Good Dandelion
 ancestral herb,
I love your 'devic aura'
and heritage seeds you sow.
Season by season
you light the fields,
your life-force heals
in every way
but few notice
your golden flowers,
your rich dark leaves,
your abundant minerals
and healing greens.

They pass by nonchalantly
never knowing
 your true goodness,
never noticing
there for all to see.

You just grow
from leaves and buds
to yellow blooms
and then
to puffball beauty
dispersing seeds 
so liberally. 
Mother Nature
 knows you
 as her perennial gift.

So we too, are to be
 the 'heritage seeds'
seeing the needs,
hearing the call
to step-up
to plant ourselves
to nourish and care
growing where
 we are,
so more become fruitful
through change everywhere.

- o O o -

Sunday, September 23, 2018

When Tomorrow Comes

The song comes quietly.
The moon is full.

The everyday,
 we always say,
will be here again

Some know
this is not always so,
yet gratitude
 in tender blessing,
 our hearts to sing.

- o O o -

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Violets Are Blue. Dedicated To You

"Any ability
that anyone develops
has the potentiality for good.
To this
there is no exception.
And the more
unusual and unexpected
the power,
the greater
its potential usefulness".
Manual For Teachers
A Course In Miracles -
Foundation For Inner Peace

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

In The Old Forest

All was peaceful here.
I came to the forest
in search
 of our echidna friend
so we walked further in
where a splendid fairy wren
was trilling
among the lush maiden hair ferns.

Mostly all was misty still
as I sprinkled ash
at the foot of the tallest tree
as all around I could see
 green spider orchids
greeting me.

I counted my steps 
back to the trail
happy to know, Old Friend
the how and when
of where to go again.

 -o O o -


Friday, September 14, 2018

You Flew Away

Twas a new spring day
when my Precious one
arrived with me
and we gathered
 in the greenery
underneath the melaleuca trees.

It is strange
to think too deeply
that 'this' was you
who've come to be
what others say
 we are 'setting free'.
But we three know
these remains left behind
are not 'the you who flew away'
through the open door
free from all that was before.

I made
 nourishing soup for you.
I baked a cake
 and we ate
 from your favourite plate,
then sprinkled your past
among the honeysuckles
 and winter-sweet,
buddleja, lilacs and fairy bells
and all around the honey myrtles.

I knew you knew
almost every plant
 had come from 'the old home'
and peace lives here
 with the honey birds
as Joy rose high
and the mourning dove
 left the bough above.

Farewell dear one with all our Love
- o O o -

You Bloom Again

Buddleja salvifoli

Painting Pictures

There is a story for me to tell.
It will help you through to a lovely place
and lift your spirit when you know
it isn't far and it is friendly,
a home for you and those gone ahead
who will greet you with the lightest smiles
that seem to beam with inviting warmth
and meet you with Love not felt before. 
I have soft pictures to paint
as I continue to
tell this story that's coming through...
The weary one sat quietly.
'Old Chinese' said to me,
help your friend in gentle ways,
speak softly of our other place.
Help her feel and be rest assured,
she will never be alone.
There is a place beyond this world
with clear, bright and harmonious light
where our heavenly ones
call through to welcome you.