Friday, September 14, 2018

You Flew Away

Twas a new spring day
when my Precious one
arrived with me
and we gathered
 in the greenery
underneath the melaleuca trees.

It is strange
to think too deeply
that 'this' was you
who've come to be
what others say
 we are 'setting free'.
But we three know
these remains left behind
are not 'the you who flew away'
through the open door
free from all that was before.

I made
 nourishing soup for you.
I baked a cake
 and we ate
 from your favourite plate,
then sprinkled your past
among the honeysuckles
 and winter-sweet,
buddleja, lilacs and fairy bells
and all around the honey myrtles.

I knew you knew
almost every plant
 had come from 'the old home'
and peace lives here
 with the honey birds
as Joy rose high
and the mourning dove
 left the bough above.

Farewell dear one with all our Love
- o O o -


  1. Well Bee...It's complete...The honouring has come full circle and I'm so grateful to know that the ashes of mum continue to nurture the plants that she brought to your life and through you to Paula and Dan...
    Blessings to each of you and thank you for including me in your celebration...

    1. Bless you Dear Stuart,
      Yes I know you were here in this fragrantly abundant garden of herbs and rare and old fashioned shrubs and trees.
      Happy little skink lizards came out of hibernation and we were ourselves, brightened by the warm sunshine after a wearying long season of winter.

      May every new day bring much grace
      With Love, Bee xx

  2. Quite beautiful tribute in words to her, Barbara. Beauty is released.

  3. Thank you Philip,

    I am always encouraged by your listening ear, deep attention and true responses to my poems.

    Being a published poet yourself, I am grateful and do appreciate your comments at other times.

    It is, in the dying, we see and understand the natural life around us, and the blessed significance of the mourning dove who visits, until our old loves say farewell.

    This dove who was here, has sat with others, at other times, but has not returned here since, so I know she flies on to another place, when we ourselves are now truly open to allowing a gentle presence of joy and song.

    As you so gently say, 'Beauty is released'.
    Peace to you, Love Bee x