Friday, September 28, 2018

Our Sacred Earth

And Here It Is.

The living
 Australian native plant
with the doctrine of signatures
 -  Kundalini Rising - 

in the Heritage Forest

Bringing Action to Life

Rising High
Shining Bright

Creativity In Action 

Let us all share our gifts
to uplift
our living Earth.

Let us
expand appreciation
every living presence in our lives.

-s S s -

1 comment:

  1. Dear Friends,
    I am so inspired by Sounds True Summit, live online, around the world, 10 day event, with free current access.
    Waking Up in the World Event.

    I just watched Live, Matthew Fox Phd, in conversation with Jono Fisher (an Australian leader working with Sounds True Foundation).

    The presentation was called -
    Recovering Our Sense Of The Sacred.

    Thank you to Tami Simon
    Founder of Sounds True Publishers and Sounds True Foundation.

    Love to each of you, Bee xo