Sunday, June 26, 2022

To Everything There Is A Season

Greetings Dear Friends,
I will be writing more frequent posts again in July.

Recently, I have been treading through chaos,
knowing all will be well
awaiting Divine Timing
wondering what these buds of change will bring?
The answer is Everything.
I am embracing change
admiring winter blossoms
and everyday creating a different space.
I am opening more for a deeper sense of place. 
Love and peace be with you all,
Bee xo
Photo credit: Lambley Nursery, Ascot, Victoria, Australia 


Friday, June 3, 2022

Remember When

Remember when you said farewell
but not in any normal way.
You just rose from our bus seat.
“This is my stop”
And across the park lands I saw you go,
with a raised hand to the sky
as your wave Goodbye.

And to this day
I knew you knew
that was your living word.

So what I hear
is simply clear, whispered in my ear
when the astral’s near.

Photo credit: Stuart Porteous