Sunday, May 22, 2022

Warming The Freeze

The baby reborn with the Old Soul Crone
you are not alone
as you cry and cry
then silently lie
feeling unsafe
never known
far from home.
The adult sleeps.
Grateful you are finally quiet.
The babe is exhausted
nervous system blown away,
cells are frozen 26-hundred-days
to be retrieved in your old age.
Answers found upon a page of parables
where The Ones with me do come to see
I will never be alone.
The Truth
has found me planted in the flowering field,
budding now to blossom fully and reach the Higher Sky.


Friday, May 6, 2022

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'
he sang so beautifully
with his glorious countertenor voice
inspiring hope and 'Running Up That Hill' until 
he flew
returning to
the angels.

Vale Australian countertenor Max Riebl,
who died at the age of 30, April 30, 2022
Watch uTube: MAX RIEBL -  Chapel Off Chapel
Photo Credit: Autumn Crocus at Lambley Nursery, 
Ascot, Victoria, Australia

Monday, May 2, 2022

All The Tears I Never Cried

All the years
all the times
all the tears I never cried
are stored inside my cells
and now I feel the pain of them
calling me, to set me free,
to give up and let go
as now I know
joy arrives 
with the flow
of Life.
It is time
to release all pain.
If not Now,
then trauma will forever be 
stuck inside of me.