Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This Is The Way

And now here you are breaking through
to share your growth with those
who will listen to
where you feel you have been
and although that world is unseen
you have found and certainly gleamed
the truth of where you want to be
and how to follow
what you ‘know’.

You know you are spirit.
You know there is freedom
and love to know the way
and courage to express what you say
to more folk in your surrounds,
to breakthrough
what you think are ‘bounds
of cords’ knotting free expression
but truly dear, it is very clear
you came here this time to follow on
from the past life of scribing long
into the night
of deadly fright
into the end of that old life.
And here today
in the meditative way
you cleared that wound
you have new strength
the light is here all around
so you have found
“your WAY”

This way is clear,
this way will bring
music to your days
and new confidence so you will say
make my time free to be
make it clear so I will see
the only way through this new world
is write the lines,
take the steps,
this time will be the time to leap
the time to transverse
many teachings which come to you
without rehearsal
so as you go
there’s much reversal
of the past ways,
hence bringing joy to your days.

So listen now as true you ‘hear’
mauve Autumn Crocus whispering clear….
‘This is The Way, you have come today,
this my Dear will heal your heart.
Your etheric body is light as air
and you are ready now to always share.
We will bring you inspiration
so you may distribute with your warm vibration.

(Written on March 11, 2013 whilst meditating with a mauve Autumn Crocus flower)