Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sail Away On A Floating Leaf

Transition times are in the mist
the days of deeds on the list
have an ebb and flow that you do know
won’t stand a stance
but even so
you still wait for a faithful chance
to light the candles to see the glow
the path is lit,
the birds Spring sing
and ‘the wait and see’
has begun to begin
and this old life is slipping away
unless a shift brings blessings in
and Soul Love breathes on an angels wing.
With a deep breath
you breathe it in…….

Sail away on a floating leaf,
let the emotions flow and heal your grief.
Let the little fish swim in the sandy waters,
the light is on where you belong.

(Written November 9, 2015 with Nigella Blue Love In The Mist)

Where Roses Go

Certain Roses blooming now
are losing petals in the wind
and returning to the beginning.

Along the way the leaves did shine
the awakening came
with a yellow bud and admiration.
And all around enjoyed the bloom
the golden rose in the living room.

As days unfold and petals too
the colour fades
and the flower wilts until comes the day
the lovely petals
are held in hand to save……..
they are not lost but added to
other blooms which harmonize
with fragrance high in the skies.

(Written November 7, 2015)