Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Blue and The Green

It is gentle and placid calling me.
It is open and tender calling me.
It is beautiful
quiet and still
it will
always entice me
I pass myself to the other side
up the golden stairs,
leave my cloak and rise up higher.
Skies they call me
blue it fills me
composes me
envelops me
softens me
brings me to rest
feeling blessed,
to knowing
deep within
the pond of Love is ever full
and I will travel long
I leave 
to be received
by Spirit.
May the Beauty Path always lead me
over every hill
I rest.
May we all be blessed
Love and Peace to All
(Written with Capanula poscharskyana Harebell on July 19,2017)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

This Glorious Colour

Oh joy to me as joy to you
such glorious colours
just shining through

Be The Light

Expand my writing
e x p a n d
u n i t e
heaven and earth

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Opening the Heart

"When you are able
to attract the light
 from within
you become the flame itself.

Then wherever you go
you are not carrying
the burden of the body,
you are carrying
the torch of the heart." 

Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Glimpses From Beyond

"True life is Love"

This is the first wisdom I was shown
 when I visited
 the Hall of the Akashic Records.

The second wisdom
I did share with you
was posted here on 
Come Blossom Come Fruit yesterday.
"Beyond is a beautiful star"

Blessings and Peace for all your journeyings
Love Bee  

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Light of Heaven

Beyond is a beautiful star

I took this photo on my iphone.

It is a close-up of an Algerian Iris petal, at ground level.
Blessings and Peace to all who see The Flame Within

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Start to Make a little Space

"Peace to my mind.
Let all my thoughts be still."

"Could we make a start that way?
Then our likes and dislikes are finished.
Any problems?
How can there be a problem in Life?
Any questions?
It's the same thing.
Peace and stillness know no problems,
have no questions, and accept no answers.
For they are free - of ideas."
Tara Singh -  "A Gift For All Mankind"

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Little Visitor

  Image Credit Kristian Bell, Melbourne, Victoria.
 Reader of Australian Geographic

Many Seasons Many Reasons

Here I see
the unity
one tree
different leaves
all they know
is we are here to grow
here to live
brightly every autumn day
quietly through winters way
bursting into flower in spring
and embracing life that Summer brings

Bringing the Light of Hope

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Surrender and B r e a t h e

Make a wish
to clear the tension and shame
to gently speak the truth
to reclaim

Put all those burdens down on the ground.
Do not collect baggage.
Let it be wheeled away. Quarantined.
Let it be seen by invisible helpers.
Looked upon.

We all need to do our work,
one day
one year
one lifetime or longer.

It is time to 'talk our walk'
through those dark places
to release the victims and yourself.
Make amends to bring the end.
Begin again.

Do your work
save the children
find the boy and forgive again.

Walk the way with lamp lights,
from posts along your path......

Perhaps you could learn to knit.......

Or will I just 'choose once again'
where and when and then
kindly look at you and see anew.

“And love will come wherever it is asked.
This Vision is your gift”
From “Choose Once Again”
Selections from A Course in Miracles”

(Written June 28, 2017)

B r e a t h i n g S p a c e

soil to grow
fruit to share
neap tides

Let your purpose shine from your heart
shape your life with higher choices.
Abundance comes..........

Sing your soul rejoicing.


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Nourish Every Seed

So many Shining Ones
in the view
viewing you

So many seeds
tucked inside with Truth for you

So many days
you felt alone
so look to the trees
and see
Light is all around

When the seed
 lands on the ground
another tree
calls opportunity
to flower

We all begin within

(Written May 1, 2017)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

From home to Home Our Story Lasts

From home to Home our story lasts
we always need to cleanse the past
it is not soul work
if you merely say
this present is the only day.
The Truth it shines
across our life
to retrieve your soul
you cannot hide
the only way
is to go back through
and clear old debris from the darkest dark
no healing comes 
if you shut the gate
and say
 I'll start from here today.
That is only a surface job
not the one to take you Home
just a mind game
you wish and hope
will be your way 
to relieve your life
but old souls know
it is not just one
and nothing real is ever done
with your own sweet will.
It is only Real 
if you follow links
to lead you through
to look deeply
to dig and dig and weep and know
you will release
 old ancestral ways
only if you give your day
to knowing
the story
and bringing along
those from the past
whose souls touch you
and only when you all breakthrough
to wanting deep connection,
such is not a simple thing
 that everything must be put down.
It is not simple, it is intense
it is not easy, it is immense
it is more than intention 'I will move on',
it is
 'Show Me The Way'
I walk with you,
show me my story
and we'll all look deep
and call to heal
and look to reveal
and start with the little one,
the parent one
the old grandmothers
the ancient land,
the blessings coming every day
to bring you to this place you know
where starting the way back
is leading the way forward.
Soul retrieval is deep, deep,
immense, intense work

Blessings and Peace
(Sleep Revelation written 1.30am April 24, 2017)

Passing Thoughts on A Life

"It has been a life of grief"
translating now to be
the way I see where I am
and how I lived this life I had
as it is closing rapidly
and I am folding up my wings
no more anything.

You see and so do I
I cried into the sink
sobbed indeed in my sleep
and earthed myself in the ground
because all around was pain and loss
'twas what it cost
to walk between that troubled pair
never knowing when and where
or what would trigger another shot
against each other.

That is not how I wanted life
I needed peace
beside the water
not abuse and useless retaliations
they should have stayed in separate nations.

(Receiving revelation at 2.05am before my old friend came to the edge later in the day on Good Friday April 8, 2017)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More Flow Than You Know

A perfect Pink indeed I think
this flower bloomed on this cold day
to shine in Love and warmly say........

Keep going
keep Being Present
shine your light into dark places
leave some room in your life
as spaces
need to fill with air
as compassion comes
to show we care
as hearts are opened
and Love is golden
as times they reach
where we never dreamed
and revelations flow
like living streams
and all around
some beauty shines
seek the harmony
and the Love
Gaia blesses above below
and all around all you know
and deeply where you do not see
so Blessings flow eternally.

(Written April 10, 2017 on Opening The Heart Day)

This is my 200th post on Come Blossom Come Fruit