Tuesday, November 28, 2017


When blossom petals fly away
they float along in the sky,
the breezes blow
so some fly high,
the rain comes soaking that same day
and other petals wash away.

So now less is visible
but still I know
the petals have a place to go.
A good number of them
are seen again
landing in a different place,
being mulch for little plants:
a blossom cover on the ground
to warm the earth
and protect the young,
to wrap around and bring
gentle goodness

The way I see
the changing winds,
the petals 'whoosh' to greater things.
Their purpose was protecting buds
so now the fruit is growing plump,
the harvest brings us greater good
as nature knows the seasonal ways
nourish and nurture our everydays.

(Written November 28, 2017 with Kolkwitzia, as all fairy-bell blossoms fall)

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