Sunday, November 5, 2017

REAL Will Heal

Sitting quietly with my pen
I know what's now
and remember when
my timidity gave me peace
but only now comes the release
from what was really all around.
What kept me quiet
close to the ground,
feeling thunder beneath my feet
never knowing which seat to sit upon.
Chairs moving without the music,
stabbing pains, no knife to see
behavioral patterns tightening me.

Then seemingly, suddenly
the truck rolls into the wall,
the dark clouds lift
that's what I feel
as speaking truth brings a healing
that's really REAL.

Secrets uncovered, reactions come
my mirrors shine
I stand calmly as the rope unwinds.

The Way Ahead calls to all
just follow along, through transparency
to see the lights of eternity......

May Willingness, Kindness,

Positivity and Goodness encircle us all

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