Sunday, November 5, 2017

'Fruit of the Everlasting Fragrant Tree'

Mandarins and Port Wine Magnolia
The Essential Essence of Mandarin
'The gentleness and sweetness of spirit
is gathered in the arms of this fragrance.'
'there is a vigour and sprightliness
in how mandarin stirs the spirit.'
'At times, when we feel fully connected
to the source of all Creation,
and still enough
to hear the celestial music,
we touch 
the spirit held within mandarin.'
-Valerie Ann Worwood -
"The Fragrant Heavens:
The Spiritual Dimension of Fragrance and Aromatherapy" 
(Published 1999 by Doubleday)
I love this book.
Whilst reading any page
I  feel a deep sense of peace and upliftment.
- oOo -

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