Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Inspired Ones

What I feel with this stem of flowers
is the bond of four
who have explored,
left their boats
and swam to shore……
lifeboats came,
all were saved
and once again
bridges raised.
Everything has a season
everything within reason
and then outside
the borders lie
the inspired ones
who reach the edge
and leap with faith
to the new world calling
sail their boats
or row with oars,
whatever way
they do explore.

Across the seas,
the sand,
the hills,
the grass looks green
and they believe
all they ask for
will be received
if they just live
as they know best
and help others
in testing times
progressing ever
with the endeavor
to live with heart
believing always
the light will shine,
the path meanders,
there are resting places
and light-hearted smiles
upon their faces.

(Written on July 31, 2013 with a long branching stem of fragrant Daphne flowers)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Find and Seek

Your years of playing by the creek
they lead you on to find and seek…..

And now it’s true
what stretches you
is seek and find,
the answers come
and are always there
for everyone……

Ask and you shall receive.

Believe and then you will see.

Paradox guides universal law.

Look within when you explore……

Reaching out
is coming closer,
and leaning-in
when love begins,
and everywhere
is right here now,
the present fills each day

And letting go
is loving so,
and holding on
is fear and pain,
and let us not
go there again……

So lighten up
and share yourself
and more is less
unless you know
that loving you
is your life’s purpose
so be the hare
and not the tortoise.
Find yourself now
and let joy in
start again….
begin, begin……


To the eternal in the valley
we hope to go someday,
it’s heaven in the meadow
and why we’re bailing hay.
We water the pasture
or pray for rain,
to see growing grasses
on the open plain,
and in the Spring-time we smile
as there is growth everywhere,
and come the harvest is Summer
as we reap golden straw.
We celebrate our time
with a rest in the sun
and dance to the music
as our life whirls around
there is time to celebrate
as abundance surrounds.


Your cup is filled with light
and love
and all the grace
from above.
Clearly wisdom
has come to you
to heal your life
and follow through.
To heal your past
and leave it behind,
to know yourself
and to be kind
to you.
Yes, to you, dear soul
what is true within
is ‘know yourself’
then begin
to truly accept who you are…
not just words
or what you think,
fill the cup
with love for you
divine grace to live
from the inside out
and wisdom surely
will lead you on
through all the changes coming through
and all the Love you’ll feel
because you’re true.

Accept all change
that washes through
and Divine Light
now shines through you.
Lift yourself
and fill your cup
light is shining
like a buttercup.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

What the heart-shaped autumn leaf told me.......

Yes you see me
golden, so auburn
and ruby red in my heart
there in the carnations
as you water with mist
first glance you felt
my autumn kiss.
I am a leaf with heart
for the book you’ll start
and what I tell
will very well
sign-post a place
to share your story
with an open heart
in all your glory….
You see, just like me
that where you land
there’s a path that’s true
and who you are
is contented too….
The only place there ever is
you know is present
here and now
live your life with every-one
enjoy the sunshine in your days
and connect with grace
is all I say.
So as you go
be here now
like serendipity
every-where is there
just look at me.

There is love and faith
gratitude and joy
and writing is your purpose clear
share with heart,
it’s time to start
come on out from where you are,
be Here now
be here now.
“just a small call, listen well…
we will send more leaves to show and tell”

Sunday, July 7, 2013

What The Green Leaf Told Me..... a story for children by Bee Porteous

The green leaf from the tree

brought a message for me
I saw it you see
and said “that’s for me”!
What leaf fully green comes across two yards
the tallest tree trying so hard
to send me the word
the truth just to see
when you look you are shown
a message from trees.

But hey there are days
when the pixies just play
and messages just come
with the light
a flash, a star-beam
a quick glimpse just seen
and you know pixies are playing
they jump and they spin.
I hear leaves rustling
I see them grin
so a story for children
is that my next theme?
I wish to be open
to hear and to beam with delight
as the pages unfold
just sit quietly and wait
until the story is told……….

It begins in the grass
as we lie looking up
just resting in green
amongst buttercups.
We all know fairies
love being yellow
we all know they love folk
who are so quiet, so mellow.
So it’s lying and watching
shapes in the clouds
it’s lying and wishing
with dandelion clocks
what’s the time,
the time
the ticking tock?
So it’s time to sit
it’s time to plan
to sit amongst greenery
enjoying the scenery
and once in a blue moon
as elves trundle by
the pattern of clouds
changes in skies.
So look into the grass
look up to the skies
trust in the spirits
to open your eyes.
And when you least
expect to be blessed
a light-beam will bring colour
and bounce off your chest.
You see, when you see
the colours of love
you are blessed with the vision
of dancers above
in the aura of pink skies
like I see here tonight
I’ll look and I’ll notice
the beams and the rustles
are coming from grasses
from Eau de Cologne Mint
coming from Loosestrife
coming with glints
that show me my lightness
is all that I need
to uplift my spirit
and happily speed
the vision of divas
dancing around
and wind-surfing on leaves
as they float to the ground!!
So here under heaven
if ever you look
you know there are fairies
and some live in this book.
So what do you think?
It’s best that you don’t
as feeling is lighter
and brings loveliness in,
feelings will colour
like flowers in spring.
So bounce along
and be light as sky
and trust in the unseen
on them you rely
as quietly, gently, lovingly so
they join with us here
it is true, I know.
I know, they know
I believe they are here
and so that is why
they live in my sphere
so if you believe
and I reckon you do
be careful of light-beams
as you run through the grass
and believe it clearly
like looking through glass.
Little ones gather
and live all about
they quietly hide
looking in, looking out
but if you see them,
as you one day will,
believe they saw you first, as they did,
they hide from some
and wave to a few,
and you are lucky
as they are waving to you.

Copyright. Written by Bee Porteous, with a green leaf from a Liquidambar (Sweetgum), on January 18, 2008