Sunday, July 7, 2013

Delightful Surprises.....A Story for Children Comes To Me

Over five years go, in January 2008,  I was outside watering plants, in the late evening of daylight saving time, when I noticed a very large green leaf from a Liquidambar (Sweetgum) was on the grass near my marsh garden. It was mid-summer here, and I have an area where I grow various mints and dandelions for herbal teas and green salads. 

Without any breeze, or any trees!!, this leaf was just there, and as I do, I saw it as a sign to tune-in for a message coming my way.

The sun was setting and in 40 minutes I had  written all the content for a children's story, and even what to write on the back flap of the book! You see there was also a verse about the illustrator most suitable to do the drawings. 

I went indoors and typed this story called "What the Green Leaf Told Me"

I knew I had just received a most wonderful gift...... 

In those days, my nickname was Nomi and I was writing a blog called Gnomes Waving Gleefully. You may still read the blog but because the Blogger format changed I am no longer able to edit or post to that site.

Today I decided it was time to share this story, and so I will first post the verse about the illustrator.  

Let's call her Sweetpea .....

She’s light as sky,
loves colours too
she’s the one to draw
these light-beams for you.
For years and years
she gives with her heart
she loves, she shares
she’s a shining star
but like most of us
she ponders too much.
So if she sits still looking at green
with a blink and a smile
she’ll see gnomes marching home
she’ll know they know
that she’s spotted them now,
and they know she knows
and are waving she sees,
they are waving,
waving at her
and she knows she’s lucky
as they are rarely seen......
she knows it’s a secret
a gift from Earth Mother
a gift she is given
like none ever, no other.
She’s in with the Earth Ones
she’s drawing with heart
she’s enjoying her time
with colour and paint,
she’s happily carefree
she’s not thinking too hard
and gnomes they are living,
working her yard.
So when she returns
from her trip interstate
she’ll be one with nature,
in her heart she relates
with everything warm, golden and free
so gnomes are waving gleefully.

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