Sunday, July 28, 2013


Your cup is filled with light
and love
and all the grace
from above.
Clearly wisdom
has come to you
to heal your life
and follow through.
To heal your past
and leave it behind,
to know yourself
and to be kind
to you.
Yes, to you, dear soul
what is true within
is ‘know yourself’
then begin
to truly accept who you are…
not just words
or what you think,
fill the cup
with love for you
divine grace to live
from the inside out
and wisdom surely
will lead you on
through all the changes coming through
and all the Love you’ll feel
because you’re true.

Accept all change
that washes through
and Divine Light
now shines through you.
Lift yourself
and fill your cup
light is shining
like a buttercup.

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