Saturday, July 27, 2013

What the heart-shaped autumn leaf told me.......

Yes you see me
golden, so auburn
and ruby red in my heart
there in the carnations
as you water with mist
first glance you felt
my autumn kiss.
I am a leaf with heart
for the book you’ll start
and what I tell
will very well
sign-post a place
to share your story
with an open heart
in all your glory….
You see, just like me
that where you land
there’s a path that’s true
and who you are
is contented too….
The only place there ever is
you know is present
here and now
live your life with every-one
enjoy the sunshine in your days
and connect with grace
is all I say.
So as you go
be here now
like serendipity
every-where is there
just look at me.

There is love and faith
gratitude and joy
and writing is your purpose clear
share with heart,
it’s time to start
come on out from where you are,
be Here now
be here now.
“just a small call, listen well…
we will send more leaves to show and tell”

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