Sunday, July 28, 2013

Find and Seek

Your years of playing by the creek
they lead you on to find and seek…..

And now it’s true
what stretches you
is seek and find,
the answers come
and are always there
for everyone……

Ask and you shall receive.

Believe and then you will see.

Paradox guides universal law.

Look within when you explore……

Reaching out
is coming closer,
and leaning-in
when love begins,
and everywhere
is right here now,
the present fills each day

And letting go
is loving so,
and holding on
is fear and pain,
and let us not
go there again……

So lighten up
and share yourself
and more is less
unless you know
that loving you
is your life’s purpose
so be the hare
and not the tortoise.
Find yourself now
and let joy in
start again….
begin, begin……

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