Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Inspired Ones

What I feel with this stem of flowers
is the bond of four
who have explored,
left their boats
and swam to shore……
lifeboats came,
all were saved
and once again
bridges raised.
Everything has a season
everything within reason
and then outside
the borders lie
the inspired ones
who reach the edge
and leap with faith
to the new world calling
sail their boats
or row with oars,
whatever way
they do explore.

Across the seas,
the sand,
the hills,
the grass looks green
and they believe
all they ask for
will be received
if they just live
as they know best
and help others
in testing times
progressing ever
with the endeavor
to live with heart
believing always
the light will shine,
the path meanders,
there are resting places
and light-hearted smiles
upon their faces.

(Written on July 31, 2013 with a long branching stem of fragrant Daphne flowers)

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