Thursday, September 26, 2013

As The Weeks Go By

As the weeks go by
and the breezes blow
I’ve come to see
and come to know
my tears for me,
since you’ve gone,
is not that I
feel forlorn,
it is that I
have inner joy,
that you and I
were two old souls,
who together
healed ‘our worlds’ to whole.

And here this morning
my flower for you
is losing soft petals
as I weep,
remembering, when ‘you died’ together,
on the warmest day
after winters’ weather.
And as I ‘saw’
your dear soul leave
then sat with you for endless hours,
tears I wept were falling
just as these petals, from these flowers.

Now over your grave
this sunny spring day,
Jasmine bells ring
and creamy, rich petals
softly down
as all around me,
all around,
I feel you heart
does sit with me,
like every leaf loves its’ tree.
And I lost my voice
when I lost you,
so I will look to sky,
and carry me,
over the waves
of my emotional sea.
Over and under
the only way through,
is find myself
and bring my song
to whatever days
my melody plays
and if Jasmine bells ring
and changes chime
I will follow on
this path of mine
ever knowing
we had it all
me and My Lovely
hound so small.

(Written with Viburnum Carlesii flower stem and Madagascar Jasmine on September 24,  2013.  It is now 3 weeks since Poppy went softly to spirit.)

This day, I feel now, as my voice strengthens, that the ‘quietness’ was the way to isolate myself long enough to go into all, the all-encompassing, changes.

And the inner turmoil I felt from knowing that my role in her intensive caring, and relative healing phase, has passed.  I lost my voice when suddenly that role was lost and gone. 

Now there is more visibility in the clearing, that defines a deeper role for me, in my remaining life years ………..and one which has, ever and always, been there for me to reach, so that now my writings may come in a different way.

So I am leaving space to expand into whatever comes to me from now on…..

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Seeds Of Change

The seeds of change
will re-arrange
where you thought
you were.

The green of Spring
will naturally
the juice
of things to come.

The palest blossom
will so foster
what the future
has to offer.

The seasons’ rains
will bring again
what you thought
you lost.

And then you’ll see
that openly
all is blessed

So lead the way
and you’ll hear us say
all the more
there is to tell,
where you drink Love
from the deepest well.

There is never more
than you can handle,
never more than you
can share,
never any way you’ll be
never guided,
or never free,
keep believing
there’s more to see.

Follow the path
through wooded land,
follow your heart
it’s an open plan.
You’ll be
where there is love
and sunshine shining,
strings are playing,
butterflies dancing
and spring will welcome
some romancing.

Birds are nesting,
Poppy’s resting
little ‘flower of sleep’
shines in spirit
so walk with faith,
you have dear friends
and nothing ever
really ends.
Life it brings
the seeds of change.
Life it brings
the golden-hearted
to inspire and lift
those left ‘departed’.

(Written in a blossoming and forested range, with a long stalk of wild oats, on September, 20, 2013)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You Called To Me

You called to me
I heard you,
you ‘came to me’
I saw you,
you sang to me
I harmonized,
you were devoted to me
I loved you deeply.

You said goodbye to me
I wept,
I wept with you
you wept with me,
you were so gentle
you were so graceful
I was so grateful
you were so connected
we were worlds together
we came
and went

(Written on September 5, 2013 with some wild country Lavender, whilst sitting on a  hill-side stump, sheltering from misty rain, under The Cedars.)

For Poppy, my dear-hearted, departed, loyal and beloved companion hound.

Monday, September 16, 2013

My hours and hours of being with a Yellow Admiral Butterfly

When I think of my little friend
and see the butterfly
her energy brings
to play with me,
and sit beside
my working tools
I feel much closer
to her gentle self
and know, I do,
the fullness of time
brings me to you
and as we sit
in a heavenly glow
we may remember
our life below,
and loving devotion
warmly united
in the luminous light,
continuing souls
shining bright…….

(Written September 10, 2013 following the delightful experience, the day before, of a female, black, yellow, blue and grey Yellow Admiral butterfly landing on my knee, my spade handle, my pick axe, the soil I was touching, the pea-straw mulch beside my hand, my hand, on the seat beside my arm, on the brick wall beside me, then walking onto my left hand and sitting still on fingers for nearly 10 minutes, just beside my face....and at time, I stopped gardening for 25 minutes to communicate with the lightness of spirit surrounding me as I was so deeply uplifted from my grief)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

To the beauty of the gift...........

To the beauty of the gift of your love for each other, for the selfless kin-dness and generosity of spirit that Poppy's been graced to receive. And to the gentle and vital warmth that Poppy's presence, physically, emotionally and spiritually has contributed to your life...I give thanks. Thanks Bee, for being a wonder-full sister and though you've weathered huge and agonising storms,I sense now, with her passing, that there will be a long and deep period of calm completeness. You did your best in everything. You have both been blessed. Surrender to whatever comes and grant it full expression....I'm with always...

(This inspiring condolence message came, with beautiful flowers via Interflora, from Stuart Porteous, September 6, 2013)

Thank you to every dearest one and friend who was with My Lovely and I in thought, heartwarming calls, cards and beautiful flowers as they learned of her transition into the light.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Lovely Longtime Friend

My Lovely Little Pops

I will tell you Bee
when you need to be
ready to say farewell
to me.
Do not think about my grave
I will pass
in my own sweet time
and keeping a space
for me to lie
is more than I
need know about
so let’s proceed
at a gentle speed
and what’s going on
internally, with me
will heal, I feel,
in a few days
and we’re back to relaxing
in enjoyable ways.
I like ‘the drops’
for emergency
and crushed up minerals
are helping me.
I love the risotto
with meat and veg
so keep that all coming
it does me good
and we will continue
for a fair long time
so let’s enjoy
our company and food
and I’ll get better
I will ‘come good’.
(My Lovely hound was lying by the fire beside me when I wrote this message from her, and a very short-stemmed purple Viola, on July 9, 2013)
On the previous day, she had mysterious bleeding and I felt very distressed and deeply concerned. Would her days be numbered? Would she be long in this world? I gave her continual nurture, care and intuitive healing, with gentle, loving patience. And she trusted me all her life.

My loyal and devoted little companion went gently to spirit, 56 days later, on September 3, 2013.

We constantly shared her last months and I have received messages in all those times together, and will post some in coming days.

Wildflowers of the world have already germinated in the mulch on her grave amongst the violets, yarrow and parsley.