Sunday, September 15, 2013

To the beauty of the gift...........

To the beauty of the gift of your love for each other, for the selfless kin-dness and generosity of spirit that Poppy's been graced to receive. And to the gentle and vital warmth that Poppy's presence, physically, emotionally and spiritually has contributed to your life...I give thanks. Thanks Bee, for being a wonder-full sister and though you've weathered huge and agonising storms,I sense now, with her passing, that there will be a long and deep period of calm completeness. You did your best in everything. You have both been blessed. Surrender to whatever comes and grant it full expression....I'm with always...

(This inspiring condolence message came, with beautiful flowers via Interflora, from Stuart Porteous, September 6, 2013)

Thank you to every dearest one and friend who was with My Lovely and I in thought, heartwarming calls, cards and beautiful flowers as they learned of her transition into the light.

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