Monday, September 16, 2013

My hours and hours of being with a Yellow Admiral Butterfly

When I think of my little friend
and see the butterfly
her energy brings
to play with me,
and sit beside
my working tools
I feel much closer
to her gentle self
and know, I do,
the fullness of time
brings me to you
and as we sit
in a heavenly glow
we may remember
our life below,
and loving devotion
warmly united
in the luminous light,
continuing souls
shining bright…….

(Written September 10, 2013 following the delightful experience, the day before, of a female, black, yellow, blue and grey Yellow Admiral butterfly landing on my knee, my spade handle, my pick axe, the soil I was touching, the pea-straw mulch beside my hand, my hand, on the seat beside my arm, on the brick wall beside me, then walking onto my left hand and sitting still on fingers for nearly 10 minutes, just beside my face....and at time, I stopped gardening for 25 minutes to communicate with the lightness of spirit surrounding me as I was so deeply uplifted from my grief)

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