Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Lovely Longtime Friend

My Lovely Little Pops

I will tell you Bee
when you need to be
ready to say farewell
to me.
Do not think about my grave
I will pass
in my own sweet time
and keeping a space
for me to lie
is more than I
need know about
so let’s proceed
at a gentle speed
and what’s going on
internally, with me
will heal, I feel,
in a few days
and we’re back to relaxing
in enjoyable ways.
I like ‘the drops’
for emergency
and crushed up minerals
are helping me.
I love the risotto
with meat and veg
so keep that all coming
it does me good
and we will continue
for a fair long time
so let’s enjoy
our company and food
and I’ll get better
I will ‘come good’.
(My Lovely hound was lying by the fire beside me when I wrote this message from her, and a very short-stemmed purple Viola, on July 9, 2013)
On the previous day, she had mysterious bleeding and I felt very distressed and deeply concerned. Would her days be numbered? Would she be long in this world? I gave her continual nurture, care and intuitive healing, with gentle, loving patience. And she trusted me all her life.

My loyal and devoted little companion went gently to spirit, 56 days later, on September 3, 2013.

We constantly shared her last months and I have received messages in all those times together, and will post some in coming days.

Wildflowers of the world have already germinated in the mulch on her grave amongst the violets, yarrow and parsley.

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