Sunday, June 30, 2024

Little Sparrow Oh So Cold So Cold

I heard the little sparrow say today:
You cried when I was still alive
you cried when I died
of hypothermia
I will remember you with your warm hand
around my cold feathered body.
You tenderly breathed all warmth to me
as for a time my eyes were open.

Now again, we fly free with apricity*.
- warmth of winter sun on back - or face
- from 1600 
- a gardener's word, chirped by a little bird!!

Saturday, June 22, 2024

These Precious Feathers

I saw your gentle peace
each day we passed through,
so this quiet picture of a beautiful you
now rising to higher skies,
calls me to bless
your precious feathers left behind.
Turtle Dove,
you lived here with your family,
resting in the garden and nesting in the trees.
I know you flew on to live anew.
Still I cry as I softly bury you.
I cry as I bury you.