Monday, August 8, 2022

What Is True

Yet betwixt between
the seldom seen
comes the possible
the probable
the opening
the advancing
the beginning 
the living
the times which tell
the way to go,
the times which tell
who will then know
what lies ahead,
what sits within
what calls your name
what invites you in
to all there was you never knew
and all there is beside you
so open wide
and take the steps
the way you go is lit with light
the way you go is within sight
and all you never knew
fills your heart with what is true.
This came to me while I was sleeping July 25, 2016 
Photo: Mali Maeder 19 July 2022

My Flowering Heart

My garden heart is opening now
the pain has warmed
my healing feels
it came from seeing
how unreal
things really were
before I retrieved her.
Hello. I see you now.
Where I looked longingly
you were not,
where I searched
you were unseen
and now delightfully I have found 
the earth you tread is flowering ground.
The love has come to warm my heart
the wind-chimes bring
a deep infusing
revitalizing resonance.
Illustration by Carole Henaff Lions Roar online July 2022


Sunday, August 7, 2022

The Joy Of Winter Flowers

And here you are to be with me
as I sail this ocean in a wild blue sea,
as I dive deeply into then,
I come up knowing
how blessed I am
to be here now and seeing you
are right beside me showing through.
The rain is just nearby
and I am heartened by the fragrance
so cheerful,
as you birth this month in a different year
from the same bulbs fruiting,
miraculously, as you always do,
rarely seeing the sun shine through.
This joyous story
brings flowers waltzing
with harmonious breeze
as you call your friends to bloom with me.

From my garden, Jonquils, Alyssum and Mauve Hyacinth


Embracing The Divine

I have been loving
I have been strong
I have absorbed as I went along.
I have gathered strength from the unseen
the Spiritual
the Tree people
animal spirits and the Devic Ones.
I have become lighter
and I call Higher for support
to lift me above,
to trust, to hope, I am good enough.
And Spirit sees me calling high,
devoting time
and embracing The Divine.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Some Soft and Lovely Friends

Oh there are little ones here today
who softly sit upon my books
and the Wattle Gnome
is with small rocks and stones
keeping watch and deeply listening
to all he knows.
So of course, I always say
their presence is a lovely way
for each of us to Simply Be in this room
sheltering from winter's gloom.


Crystals Singing

Here with me 
constantly are these beautiful crystals
sharing my room just humming a tune 
I hear
ever so quietly coming through
like the resonating wind chimes
beside my window.
Do you know
how wonderful I feel
when all is vibrating in harmony this day,
it is such a joy in every way.

Blessings and peace to all dear Ones