Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Inner Joy

I see this morning moon and the moon sees me.
There are increasing times
when I feel a calm wave of inner joy,
quietly flowing through my heart.
Curiously, this springs out of the blue.
May be an appreciation of a beautiful sky.
Possibly, even a passing glimpse into a bigger picture
or welcoming signs for new ideas.
Warmth cocoons me as I feel my heart center,
almost like a mother bird nesting in my hair.
My happy dog starts racing in circles everywhere,
as he is being pleasantly free
just looping through the shrubbery.
We smile together.


Sunday, September 24, 2023

Heart To Heart

When I close my eyes and go back in time
to where it was not safe for me
I see, with heartfelt simplicity,
that all was also, not safe for you
so I remember too
we mirror our shadows,
we yearn for the warmth of a welcome light
to wrap us through endless nights.
Now coming out to this new day,
everyday I always say,
first to myself,
then clearly to your faded face:
I love you
I am sorry
please forgive me
thank you.
May you feel safe
may you feel peace
may you be free and live with ease
When I live simply,
I know, feel, and truly see more.
We are all one earth family.
When we learn to free all beings,
then it becomes safer to share, to hear,
to nourish others and so to truly understand,
Love is all that matters.
Love is all that ever matters
Love is all that matters

Friday, September 22, 2023

When Petals Sing The Song

On this calm September day
some tiny flowers sang to me
and astoundingly,
they seemed to say,
words which sang to me along the way.
And what were they
I know you wonder, and why those words
I wondered too,
but here now I share with you:
'To make you feel my love' 

These lyrics from a winning country song,
came from Bob Dylan and became a soundtrack
to Hope Floats.
I feel there are more calls to come,
as the simple field flowers are with me
and the feeling too
brings equilibrium
with the sense of sunny days gently rising through. 

Love to you my friends.
Much has been shifting.
Spring flowers have been coming and blowing,
some flattened by the winds, but all along I 'know'
seeds are spreading and we are heading
for Yes in The Voice to expand love across our nation.
Lead kindly Light.
May our open hearts sing with our First Nations peoples.
May we feel their love offered.
*If Not Now Then When?
May we truly value the light in them
and see the light in ourselves, and hopefully,
Australians call freely for the change to Yes.
*If Not Now Then When, new song by Paul Kelly 
 for the Yes23 Voice Referendum