Saturday, October 27, 2018

Hide And Seek

Here near
the geranium
little nutmeg pixies play,
hidden in
the undergrowth,
when I sensed their joy today.

You see,
you never will see
a fairy, unless they let you
look through
the greenery
to glimpse a garden party.

These little plants
seem to be
the small-leafed foliage
is brushed in passing
or the nutmeg elves
 are laughing
and hypnotic scent arises
which disguises
'little folk-a-playing'
and you 'know' 
as you are knowing.

Move slowly
green places
and between the twigs,
 are swings,
between the leaves,
 they hide,
but if 
they know, you too do
greet each day as new,
they may
just lie
 upon a leaf
and softly wave to you.

Pelargonium odoratissimum
has nutmeg fragrant leaves

- o O o -

Heavenly-Scented and Joyously Received

The sky so blue
as I sit with you.

Our happy hearts
do so enjoy
this wonderful
  delicious perfume
 honey-eaters and bees
nectar feeding in these trees.

- Hymenosporum flavum -
sub-tropical rain-forest
Australian native frangipani 

  - o O o -

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

To Ponder Upon

"Find a place where
 you can go and sit quietly.
Put a few
 flowers there if you like." 

- Tara Singh - 
A Gift For All Mankind

Monday, October 22, 2018

This Garden This Morning

Walk the path
just trust and laugh
as colours are brighter
and days become golden,
as times are a changing
we share and just know
that laughter lightens
as jasmine sings
and spring brings
 g r o w t h

- o O o -

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Brave Souls

Brave souls are alive,
taken for a ride,
 like the blossoms
blown away
 in the winds of spring
when everything
 is whirled around
and finally
 it settles down,
a little higher off the ground.

Brave souls do know
  stays the same,
 come to claim
the present,
 open this gift
go deeper not wider,
go deeper.
The gains come,
 when within us
we choose Willingness.

 leaves the way
wide open
for the new, new day
when traveling brings
you within
 the truth you seek
is where you meet
your frightened self
and look to see
not who abandoned you
but who did you
 abandon too.
 all you ever need
is to see and know
there is only Love
 or the Call for Love.

Choose once again.
The soaking spring rain
will regenerate you
to see
 the fruit growing
to see
 the peach reach maturity
to see
 the summer harvest shine
when you and yours
when I am you
and you are me
and All Is One
 is how we see
the fruiting trees
as every
 change of season brings
summer, autumn, winter, spring.

Part 2

Along the way
 through our lives
there comes the time
when we say
I wish
 there was another way.

We traveled far and wide.
We had our picnic days
 our own way,
but comes the day
and comes the time
when we reach 
what seems to be
'the ending line'.

But brave souls know
the way to go
 is not
 wider horizontally
but deeper, deeper
where the soul can see,
that immersing
with our shadow side
heals old patterns
 much denied,
so when we rise
from that dark night
the wider plains
 do not entice
as we
 have lived
 the valley life
and going deeper
led us to
the Real me
 and the Real you.

We looked for love
where it always was,
but life changes
and ways transform
so in these times
 we are shown
to go the distance
 and see the view
the mountain top is calling you.

Old patterns fade in the sun
old ways were once
leading us
but if we want
 the Love that's true
then see the one
who looks at you
and surely see
 the call for love they show
 never knowing
what you see
not being you, or being me.

We come from One
and finally
when this life is passing
and the bridge lights up
it is Peace and Love
that lead the way.
Going deep
 will heal old ways
the tourist route unravels
so our life is blessed
when we know
the road less traveled
is the way to go
Home to Love
where life is simple
and the tender heart
rests knowingly.
You will find
 what is missing
when you
 look in the right place
and realize
You had it all the time 
Only Love Is Real
 - o O o -

Thursday, October 11, 2018


"The common lilac
will not open it's buds
until it is safe to do so.

Which is why
the flowering
 can vary by as much
 as three weeks
 one season to another,
and the farmer
or gardener 
who takes phenology 
for his guide
will watch for the flowering"

- Eleanor Perenyi,
 Green Thoughts, 1981 - 

"There are 5
 well-defined phenophases
 in field lilac development....

There are
 sensitive responses
 to the temperature
of air and soil."

"Stage 4
 is the time to sow 
warm weather crops 
such as
 beans and cucumbers"

- Lilacs for the garden -
by Jennifer Bennett
A Firefly Book 2002

All quotes came from the above book 

- o O o -


Lilac Blossoms For You

"Lilac flowers are edible,
just like violas,
 roses, hollyhocks
and daylilies.
Sample lilac flowers
before using them,
as some kinds
 are tastier than others.

Pick the flowers
soon after they open,
wash them,
 let them dry,
then pick off 
the individual florets
to use
 in salads or desserts
or as a garnish on the plate."

- Quote from 'Lilacs for the garden' -
by Jennifer Bennett
A Firefly Book

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

For You

When you open
your heart to beauty
you open
your life to joy

Comes A Blessing

"All the past
except it's beauty is gone,
and nothing is left
but a blessing."

- A Course In Miracles -
Text Page 75


 "They rest in quiet certainty
that they will do
what is given them to do.
They do not doubt
their own ability
they know their function
will be filled completely
in the perfect time and place"
 - A Course in Miracles - 
The Workbook

Saturday, October 6, 2018

May Green Be With You

This day
 this morning
this new time dawning,
I see the green
soothing all
organically from the soil.

Healing comes
with Oregano to you,
'joy of the mountains'
 shining through
to pacify your tender heart
to bring stillness to comfort
and strength to uplift,
refreshing you
with this green, green gift.

- o O o -

Friday, October 5, 2018

Ask Our Little Flower

 "Ask our little flower how"
and every single flower I see
I feel it is telling me.

You are way too tired
so stay a while
with the little flowers
sit with them
for hours and hours
and in this time
the answer comes
that lights the path.

In the quiet of the night
this sojourn
will be bright with light.

You saw
 the hope fade
 with your friend
his body weak in the end,
his genius still inside
though he never did hide
his gentle tender heart .

Fare Well To Thee
your truth has set you free.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

You Are Precious

With the clarity of our friend
I heard you.
And I truly do thank you.

Through the openness
I felt you coming closer, 
playing with the buttercup,
and showing me your love.

And happy I am
as happy you are.
is where your garden grows
and now
we know
than ever before.

We see you choosing stems,
some tiny flowers from the bush,
and here you are
delighting in your present place 
and smiling
warmly with your happy face.

Senses with scents divine,
ears that hear and eyes that shine
all has healed in gentle ways
so you will 'float in' again one day.

And as you leave,
you bless me
which kissed
my cheek,
healed my heart,
and lifted the soul of my little one
as the evening song came
and she heard you say
in your kindest way

"I loved you from the beginning"

My happy heart was singing.

- m m m -