Tuesday, October 2, 2018

You Are Precious

With the clarity of our friend
I heard you.
And I truly do thank you.

Through the openness
I felt you coming closer, 
playing with the buttercup,
and showing me your love.

And happy I am
as happy you are.
is where your garden grows
and now
we know
than ever before.

We see you choosing stems,
some tiny flowers from the bush,
and here you are
delighting in your present place 
and smiling
warmly with your happy face.

Senses with scents divine,
ears that hear and eyes that shine
all has healed in gentle ways
so you will 'float in' again one day.

And as you leave,
you bless me
which kissed
my cheek,
healed my heart,
and lifted the soul of my little one
as the evening song came
and she heard you say
in your kindest way

"I loved you from the beginning"

My happy heart was singing.

- m m m -


  1. Thank you Dear Jean,
    You are a beautiful blessing and you bring beautiful times
    as I am roasting pumpkins!
    We know our gardens grow abundantly,
    with so much more than we can see.
    Love from Bee xo

  2. "In the quietness of the late evening when all is at peace, words tumble tenderly from a loving daughter's fingers as she writes of love that never dies.
    Through the words of a visionary she is given an image of the peace and beauty that now surrounds her loved one.
    Peace for both. -Jean."