Sunday, October 14, 2018

Brave Souls

Brave souls are alive,
taken for a ride,
 like the blossoms
blown away
 in the winds of spring
when everything
 is whirled around
and finally
 it settles down,
a little higher off the ground.

Brave souls do know
  stays the same,
 come to claim
the present,
 open this gift
go deeper not wider,
go deeper.
The gains come,
 when within us
we choose Willingness.

 leaves the way
wide open
for the new, new day
when traveling brings
you within
 the truth you seek
is where you meet
your frightened self
and look to see
not who abandoned you
but who did you
 abandon too.
 all you ever need
is to see and know
there is only Love
 or the Call for Love.

Choose once again.
The soaking spring rain
will regenerate you
to see
 the fruit growing
to see
 the peach reach maturity
to see
 the summer harvest shine
when you and yours
when I am you
and you are me
and All Is One
 is how we see
the fruiting trees
as every
 change of season brings
summer, autumn, winter, spring.

Part 2

Along the way
 through our lives
there comes the time
when we say
I wish
 there was another way.

We traveled far and wide.
We had our picnic days
 our own way,
but comes the day
and comes the time
when we reach 
what seems to be
'the ending line'.

But brave souls know
the way to go
 is not
 wider horizontally
but deeper, deeper
where the soul can see,
that immersing
with our shadow side
heals old patterns
 much denied,
so when we rise
from that dark night
the wider plains
 do not entice
as we
 have lived
 the valley life
and going deeper
led us to
the Real me
 and the Real you.

We looked for love
where it always was,
but life changes
and ways transform
so in these times
 we are shown
to go the distance
 and see the view
the mountain top is calling you.

Old patterns fade in the sun
old ways were once
leading us
but if we want
 the Love that's true
then see the one
who looks at you
and surely see
 the call for love they show
 never knowing
what you see
not being you, or being me.

We come from One
and finally
when this life is passing
and the bridge lights up
it is Peace and Love
that lead the way.
Going deep
 will heal old ways
the tourist route unravels
so our life is blessed
when we know
the road less traveled
is the way to go
Home to Love
where life is simple
and the tender heart
rests knowingly.
You will find
 what is missing
when you
 look in the right place
and realize
You had it all the time 
Only Love Is Real
 - o O o -


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  2. Hello Friends,

    This long answer I received, began in my sleep.
    Yes, it is long.
    A good life is long.
    Testing relationships seem long.
    This is centred around staying brave, and weathering the winds in our relationships with 'loved ones'.

    As much as I left space between verses, it disappeared when I published the post!
    So it is here, as it will be here.
    Just read slowly.
    This goes deep, in the hope of rising higher.

    So yes, my heart is with all Brave Souls Waking Up to the Willingness to see things differently.
    I hope for truly brave ways.
    Choose the road less traveled, where the gentle light of harmony shines.

    For the deeper reading on - The Healed Relationship -
    It is A Course In Miracles Text Page 337 in the Vinyl Edition, or page 362 in the Hard Copy Single Edition.
    Published by Foundation For Inner Peace.

    Blessings and Peace,
    Love Bee

    love from Bee xo