Thursday, October 11, 2018


"The common lilac
will not open it's buds
until it is safe to do so.

Which is why
the flowering
 can vary by as much
 as three weeks
 one season to another,
and the farmer
or gardener 
who takes phenology 
for his guide
will watch for the flowering"

- Eleanor Perenyi,
 Green Thoughts, 1981 - 

"There are 5
 well-defined phenophases
 in field lilac development....

There are
 sensitive responses
 to the temperature
of air and soil."

"Stage 4
 is the time to sow 
warm weather crops 
such as
 beans and cucumbers"

- Lilacs for the garden -
by Jennifer Bennett
A Firefly Book 2002

All quotes came from the above book 

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