Monday, October 23, 2023

Where Fairy Bells Dwell

Sitting with you there is simple joy.
It is a restful softening place.
As all around tomorrow
wild winds are billowing,
enough so, that fairy bells 
will chime through the long night,
and may fly away 
to beautifully carpet the earth.

So I lie still through the storms
then find soft layers of pink flower-bells
are gently warming other lands.

Sunday, October 22, 2023



Dear Friends,
This is post 667 
We have come a long way in thirteen years.
My delightful Spaniel, Bobby 
is resting in the warm spring sunshine.
Love and blessings 
Bee xo

Saturday, October 21, 2023

Some Green Space

In my heart, I bring all the weary ones
to this green space
this peaceful place with tall trees.
It is a short track back to town.
All around apples, pears and cherries grow.
So we walk slowly,
just breathing fresh air and being there.

Saturday, October 7, 2023

These Seeds Of Light

On a Sunday night, many many years ago
we went a long way 
to a flower-reading meeting.
You were working in the garden,
so chose to bring a dandelion,
clock-full of seeds.
After driving and arriving in the city,
you took a crumpled folded sparsely seeded
fragile specimen from your Levi jacket pocket.
I cheerfully suggested
you pluck a fresh flower from the street garden,
but you were content to keep yours.
When it was wrapped anonymously,
and later, a spiritual lady held it in her hand,
I quietly said,
Shall I write your message verbatim,
but, you said No.
You sat quietly in the hall
and listened to many readings,
but, you said nothing.

On our drive home through the hills, I said,
Did you understand your stem message.
The answer came in one word
when, you said Yes.
I recall, it was all delivered calmly
in metaphorical language,
presenting some words around possibilities,
perhaps, past challenges in your life
and also I thought, some coming promise.
But it seems you may be climbing ladders, 
reaching out, to uplift others passing by.
The truth is, 9 days later,
while walking along,
with your arms full of library textbooks,
you died suddenly, on a city footpath.
I lost you.
And I lost my wellness and some life force.
But in deepest grief, I was always lifted higher.
Time passes.
I grow abundant yellow dandelions.
Colorful Rosella parrots eat the flowers.
I eat the bitter and tender salad leaves.
Yet still, a Spirit Breeze 
spreads these Seeds of Light.