Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Courage To Let Your Spirit Shine

Let much go
you know it’s time
to walk ahead
leave much behind
as now you have the courage to
be yourself
and follow through
with all you wish to create
the path is clear
through this open gate.

So take yourself
and this best chance
and live the life
which will enhance
the deepest callings
from your spirit
be here Now
really Be
and every way
is lit today
and in this Now
you know how
to embrace your space
embrace your place
and bring this joy
to your inner heart
you have the spark
to light the flame
you have the Will
to live anew
and make this lifetime
the one that shines
you are here Now
and it is time.

Embrace each day
in every way
that heals your soul,
that clears the shadows,
that calls ahead
let me be the one to be myself
let me be who I know I am
let me shine my inner light
to show me all is safe ahead
and all old wounds are truly healed
when listening to the call of Spirit
singing me home to deep within
my heart is shining
so I begin

(Written with Rose Geranium on January 24, 2015)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So Lovely Mist

Reaching out in the cloudy light
after all the bushfires and sleepless nights
now there is water
after three days of heavy rains
so lovely mist
shrouds it all
as emotionally I recall
the vigilance
and constant alerts
evacuating for two days
returning to ‘the thick of it’
and packing
‘watering down’
sharing information
when listening to radio reports
to help us through
with protection and preparedness
to be leaving home at any time
but doing our best
to be keeping calm
as companion pets could sense alarm
and hear the bombers, helicopters and small planes
back and forth to control the flames
which were just over the hills on several fronts
burning un-contained for seven long days.

(Written on January 10, 2015)

Purple petals falling
into the patch of violet-leaf hearts
and now Pan is in the Elm
and breezes are wafting all around
so I feel the healing of Nature’s ways
surrounding Bob and I today.

The heat
the cold
the winds
the rain
the fires
the floods from the past week
it all came
and as these storms
disrupted so very much
we felt quite scrambled
and out of touch
with freedom.

(Written on January 14, 2015)

The Creative Light

In often times in the past 6 days
when we were sheltering from the nearby blaze
I was feeling harrowed but kept the faith
to keep believing for heaven’s sake
all would be well.

And what I learned from evacuation
more preparation
for another evacuation
but we stayed
as the rains came,
so then we rested from that constant vigilance to know
do we stay near the bush-fires or do we go.

And through it all I realized
‘life is vital’ and so I knew
what was ‘inspiring and creative’
would be my choice to grab again
when the warnings came.
I would take best mate, Smiley-Bob,
water the gardens to help the frogs,
keep looking out to do
whatever I may for the trees and bees
the birds, the skinks
as what I think
is, we will endure if we see beauty around
as the inspiration which may be found
in nature.

So true it was,
as forests burned,
as vineyards were lost and koalas found
that the fire destroyed immense surrounds
but yet they say
in fire there is ‘the creative light’
to shine on simplicity
and see where goodwill glows and endurance shows,

The thunder,
the lightning was indeed frightening
the smoke
the flames
the sirens sound
but here today
we drive around The Adelaide Hills
and folk are filled with praise
for those who gave us another chance
to live in mindfulness and enhance
our lives in simple ways
with displays of creativity
and the resilience of the human spirit.

(Written in my car with some Burnt Orange Flowering Gum on January 7, 2015)

The Light Is Bright

The light is bright all around
and in your heart
you’ve certainly found
There are bush-fires burning
near your town
and you evacuated to keep sound,
then on returning home yesterday
there’s much to do before you’re safe.
But still you go within
and breathe,
water your garden for relief,
pick a flower for a reading
and here the Deva has to say
all will be well in a few days.

Be alert, but keep the faith,
communicate and relate
to every living thing,
as in these simple ways you stay
connected to the light within.

The flames are two ridges away
with ‘water bombers’ there all day
so take heart and keep calm
continue to ‘prepare to leave’
if another ‘emergency alert’ is received.

Through this constant vigilance of many days
we hear your gratitude, we know you do
trust the best is being done
and so far safety has number one
so continue on mindfully.

Monday, January 19, 2015

What Beckons?

Oh, come to the garden
bring your light within,
let’s open our hearts and happily sing.
Let’s let in the lightness,
the gladness and joy,
let us be our best selves
and share kindness around
let days be as free
as we want them to be
and let us be successful in all of our deeds.

May golden beams light each day
and may we rest in deep sleep to restore our cells
then arise each morning with stories to tell.

Truth from our hearts and love from our centres
sharing whatever we may
and bringing deep wisdom when we gently say:

Go within
go without
go gently
be strong
go forward
go yonder
go wherever you see
the bright light in darkness beckoning thee
to lead
to love
to follow your heart
to live by example is the best place to start.

(Written on New Years Day January 1, 2015)