Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So Lovely Mist

Reaching out in the cloudy light
after all the bushfires and sleepless nights
now there is water
after three days of heavy rains
so lovely mist
shrouds it all
as emotionally I recall
the vigilance
and constant alerts
evacuating for two days
returning to ‘the thick of it’
and packing
‘watering down’
sharing information
when listening to radio reports
to help us through
with protection and preparedness
to be leaving home at any time
but doing our best
to be keeping calm
as companion pets could sense alarm
and hear the bombers, helicopters and small planes
back and forth to control the flames
which were just over the hills on several fronts
burning un-contained for seven long days.

(Written on January 10, 2015)

Purple petals falling
into the patch of violet-leaf hearts
and now Pan is in the Elm
and breezes are wafting all around
so I feel the healing of Nature’s ways
surrounding Bob and I today.

The heat
the cold
the winds
the rain
the fires
the floods from the past week
it all came
and as these storms
disrupted so very much
we felt quite scrambled
and out of touch
with freedom.

(Written on January 14, 2015)

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