Monday, January 19, 2015

What Beckons?

Oh, come to the garden
bring your light within,
let’s open our hearts and happily sing.
Let’s let in the lightness,
the gladness and joy,
let us be our best selves
and share kindness around
let days be as free
as we want them to be
and let us be successful in all of our deeds.

May golden beams light each day
and may we rest in deep sleep to restore our cells
then arise each morning with stories to tell.

Truth from our hearts and love from our centres
sharing whatever we may
and bringing deep wisdom when we gently say:

Go within
go without
go gently
be strong
go forward
go yonder
go wherever you see
the bright light in darkness beckoning thee
to lead
to love
to follow your heart
to live by example is the best place to start.

(Written on New Years Day January 1, 2015)

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