Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Light Is Bright

The light is bright all around
and in your heart
you’ve certainly found
There are bush-fires burning
near your town
and you evacuated to keep sound,
then on returning home yesterday
there’s much to do before you’re safe.
But still you go within
and breathe,
water your garden for relief,
pick a flower for a reading
and here the Deva has to say
all will be well in a few days.

Be alert, but keep the faith,
communicate and relate
to every living thing,
as in these simple ways you stay
connected to the light within.

The flames are two ridges away
with ‘water bombers’ there all day
so take heart and keep calm
continue to ‘prepare to leave’
if another ‘emergency alert’ is received.

Through this constant vigilance of many days
we hear your gratitude, we know you do
trust the best is being done
and so far safety has number one
so continue on mindfully.

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