Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Creative Light

In often times in the past 6 days
when we were sheltering from the nearby blaze
I was feeling harrowed but kept the faith
to keep believing for heaven’s sake
all would be well.

And what I learned from evacuation
more preparation
for another evacuation
but we stayed
as the rains came,
so then we rested from that constant vigilance to know
do we stay near the bush-fires or do we go.

And through it all I realized
‘life is vital’ and so I knew
what was ‘inspiring and creative’
would be my choice to grab again
when the warnings came.
I would take best mate, Smiley-Bob,
water the gardens to help the frogs,
keep looking out to do
whatever I may for the trees and bees
the birds, the skinks
as what I think
is, we will endure if we see beauty around
as the inspiration which may be found
in nature.

So true it was,
as forests burned,
as vineyards were lost and koalas found
that the fire destroyed immense surrounds
but yet they say
in fire there is ‘the creative light’
to shine on simplicity
and see where goodwill glows and endurance shows,

The thunder,
the lightning was indeed frightening
the smoke
the flames
the sirens sound
but here today
we drive around The Adelaide Hills
and folk are filled with praise
for those who gave us another chance
to live in mindfulness and enhance
our lives in simple ways
with displays of creativity
and the resilience of the human spirit.

(Written in my car with some Burnt Orange Flowering Gum on January 7, 2015)

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