Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Courage To Let Your Spirit Shine

Let much go
you know it’s time
to walk ahead
leave much behind
as now you have the courage to
be yourself
and follow through
with all you wish to create
the path is clear
through this open gate.

So take yourself
and this best chance
and live the life
which will enhance
the deepest callings
from your spirit
be here Now
really Be
and every way
is lit today
and in this Now
you know how
to embrace your space
embrace your place
and bring this joy
to your inner heart
you have the spark
to light the flame
you have the Will
to live anew
and make this lifetime
the one that shines
you are here Now
and it is time.

Embrace each day
in every way
that heals your soul,
that clears the shadows,
that calls ahead
let me be the one to be myself
let me be who I know I am
let me shine my inner light
to show me all is safe ahead
and all old wounds are truly healed
when listening to the call of Spirit
singing me home to deep within
my heart is shining
so I begin

(Written with Rose Geranium on January 24, 2015)

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