Saturday, June 22, 2013

Openness and Oneness

Fully faithfully, there to see
I am one with you
and you are one with me.
Each day we walk
our path of light
and hoping all that comes to be
is pleasing and peaceful
and blessed to see
that all our time
we ever have
if one with God
it will be glad.

Miracles are everywhere
love and kindness
here to share.
Accept yourself
and live the life you came to be,
a shining soul
in eternity……

It takes a while to find your path
with hilly-climbs
across the earth,
the days so dry, your throat is rough
and some past lessons
seem quite tough
but what they were
and what they are,
are signposts beside the tracks,
look at them
and don’t look back……

The way ahead
is the way to go,
look up and over,
you’ll see the glow…..
the light so bright
guiding you,
follow on
and follow through.
There will never be
a better time
to start right here
and cross the line.
Leave behind all pain and dust,
walk through fields
grassy and green
and sit by lakes
as lovely as you’ve ever seen.
And as each day dawns
in your world
be grateful for ‘all there is’,
the ‘seen and unseen’
guiding you,
metaphorical signposts everywhere
just be aware in the softest light
neon blessings
are shining bright……..

The path of love
is the path of life…..
the path with heart
is the choice to choose……
being kind  and being free,
being yourself
and sharing your heart
this dear soul is the place to nest,
resting in your tree of life……
the warmest love
with the softest smile
will help many a pilgrim
across the miles.
The forest paths
are lit with flowers,
your new life is here
in every hour.

Yes follow the light leading you…..
be yourself,
the Self of Truth……
There within
is all your world,
let openness show
this light to all,
many a path will then be lit
and many a new friend
will come to know
that what I feel
so do you,
what brings me joy
makes you laugh too……
let’s go forward without regret
and show real love
to all we meet.

A smile, a smile
is a beaming light
across the valleys
through the darkness night
and as morning dawns
that face we see
it is mine, it is yours,
it is Heavenly.

(Written whilst in meditation this morning, June 22, 2013)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013



Open me up to listen more
to hear more ways to explore,
to walk my path in coloured shoes
and keep on walking-off the blues……
So then I will hear more tunes,
a melody which fills all rooms……
It comes from the past
and burns with fire,
it’s lightest note brings desire
for all there is to enjoy,
for sharing more of my gift of life,
for reaching out across the fields,
for posting more of my yields
which stream to me with the joy of song…..
they are what lets me reach up higher
and bring the warmth of winter’s fire…..
In winter-time I go within
to hibernate,
and create.

Bring all you have to all there is
and light a fire to shine on high,
a blaze so bright it cheers the sky
and all the cold of morning frost
is gone,
it is gone
but never lost……..
We need all seasons,
be they cold or hot,
we welcome change,
do we not?

Oh some folk change to fuel their growth
and some are just wound up tight
to cocoon-in heat
from the dark night.
Some of us live free and clear
knowing that what-ever’s there
will be over here as well,
so soon we’ll know
and soon we’ll tell
that happiness is a gift to each,
some give-up looking
and never seek
and some are held
under the weight of past,
leave those burdens,
escape at last.
Life it is for living free,
forgiveness brings much joy to see
for all who smile at every brother
we are all one
from our Earth Mother.

So what this Honeysuckle says to me
on this mild winter’s day
is smile and play, forgive and say….
“Let my life be one of joy,
as happiness comes to me,
and I welcome every new friend found
there is light and harmony all around’…..

The season sings,
flowering snowbells ring,
some colour begins to show
and the hopeful ones do all know
that as honeysuckle calls the hummingbirds
the bells of faith are rung
and heard…..
Honeyeaters know to look within
to where they find the sweetest nectar
these little birds with a musical call
have a melodic song to share with all.

As fragrance fills this everyday
the present-moment is a time for play
enjoying the gentle winter light
and bringing willingness into your life.

 (Written on June 19th, 2013 with the Winter Honeysuckle)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Believing and Receiving

It’s about believing
and receiving
and indeed about healing.

It is about knowing
and unfolding
and remembering
and forgetting.
It is about releasing
and retrieving
and collecting
and releasing.

And all this may sound intriguing
but it is about believing
and that is where we start.
We start with heart
and old times of fear,
we start with when
fear patterns were clear,
it is about what was when
and what was indeed
surrounding you then?
Who was where, and where was what,
and what indeed you have not forgot.
Could this be loud and clear within,
and you will need to shine a light
to release that pain
and darkest fright.
Somewhere inside
you felt overwhelmed…
you felt small
in that earlier world,
you felt little chance of coming through
and when you did
so much was new.
New and heavy,
was replacing steady
replacing all you ever knew
and challenging your body
to pull itself through.
The world looked murky
and you felt small
and you lived in hope
to survive it all.

Well now dear one
let’s start anew
and believe there is help
to guide you through
to the light so bright
to clear the way
and let your body feel more ease
and leave the tension,
leave the fear
and use a light and flowery way
to start each and every day.

We see you are imaginative
and here is a gift that we will give
to you, to help heal your cells
we will bring colour to inner being
and faith to carry you along,
until you’re feeling
much more strong.
The colour lies in nature now,
and it’s everywhere
and all around
and just for you to help you start
a picture links with your heart.

So choose a picture
which brings you joy
and focus love on what you see
and bring that inside
to where fear lies.
Now like ‘copy and paste’
we will erase
the old memories stored in your cells
and bring love in
and fill yourself up,
with all and everything
to fill your cup
with delight
and light,
and present dreams
and let old pain go,
let history slide
and catch yourself enjoying the ride.
The ride to breathe in fresh air,
and all you need to make it clear
that life is about seeing,
then believing in possibility
and then the faith to fill you up
and the knowing,
yes the knowing
is the answer to,
all that needs to come to you…..

it is the knowing you will be well,
it is the knowing that your time is here
and no longer carrying those old fears.

You see dear one,
the best is yet to come for you
and being fully faithful
to who you are
is the answer you need
to heal old truths,
to clear old cells,
to fill new cells
with lovely wells of light and energy
and clarity for
who you want to be
and more.

Be yourself,
not who you were,
be yourself
and create that woman
you dream to be
freedom is the answer clear
being free
and being nearer
to all you ever wished was true
create that list
and follow through.
Create a life so good that you
take bold steps to make it true.

One step, then two
and follow through
just focus on bringing in all you want
and letting go of everything else
and let us see how you will heal
being true and being real.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Be A Light In Your World

I was driving home from the city, through the damp forest and over the ranges when these first 2 lines kept repeating in my head.
This was a message for someone dear and so I pulled off the winding Swamp Road and jotted this somewhat universally inspiring verse in my notebook: It is yours for the asking……

Never think you don’t deserve
to live your life again,
never think you don’t deserve
to shine sun on your rain.

You know,
Dear One
and so do I,
that life won’t let you
pass it by.
It is time my dear
to hear this clear,
it’s your time now
to shine,
life is passing by
each day
and now dear sweet
comes time to play.

Be much easier
on yourself
be kind to you,
it’s time you knew
that the past will heal
when you forgive yourself,
be kind indeed
that’s all you need.

The present day
is ours to keep,
rest your mind
in your sleep
and believe it’s true
as indeed it is,
that life begins
with each new day,
let new life shine
have time to play.

Your wells of sadness
have over-flowed
and you do know
as you cry your heart
today it’s time
for you to start
believing all you came to do
was be a light
in your world
and share your smile
so much more….
new life unfolds
as seasons pass
and love yourself
you will at last.

Your big heart
has lived through the dark
and all around
and up above
send you grace
and send you love.

So little treasure
reduce the measure
of long, long hours
spent at work
and ‘give yourself
the biggest break’
be kind to you
for heavens’ sake.

Love surrounds
you all the time
believe this truth
and stretch outwards
and let the grief
and love yourself

Footnote verse:
Some dark, some bright,
clouds overhead,
but never let it be said,
that time has passed you by,
as your time will shine
indeed it will
let all hope in
and springtime bring
colour, and life
to warm your heart
and begin again
with a bright new start.